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New products of Beijing Hyundai are exposed!

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On March 28, Wu Yijun, general manager of Beijing Hyundai, revealed that in addition to the new Sonata, three models have been launched one after another, namely, the new Shengda, the new Kusto and the new Tusheng. At the same time, Beijing Hyundai will continue to maintain sales of 250000 vehicles in 2024.

Three days ago, Beijing Hyundai's 11th generation Sonata went on sale, with a total of six new models, of which 1.5T models are divided into Air, Pro and Max, which are sold for 13.98-162800 yuan, and 2.0T are sold for N Line Air, N Line Pro and N Line Max, with a price of 16.38-186800 yuan. For comparison, the starting price of the 2020 Sonata 1.5T is 161800 yuan, down 22000 yuan, and the starting price of 2.0T is 183800 yuan, down 20000 yuan. It is understood that the eleventh generation Sonata uses a new appearance and interior design, power to provide 1.5T+8AT and 2.0T+8AT two power combinations for consumers to choose.

In addition to the new Sonata, Beijing Hyundai will launch the new Shengda, the new Tusheng and the new Kusto.

Beijing Hyundai Shengda made its debut at the 2023 Guangzhou Motor Show, which is the fifth generation of Shengda's products. As a replacement model, the new Shengda adopts a new design style, which breaks the inherent impression of Shengda in the past, and the overall shape is very square and strong, which makes the size of the whole car look bigger. Specifically, the car uses a narrow bar grille with a central penetrating light belt, and a LED band is added in the middle of the black honeycomb intake grille, and the front bumper also presents an H-shaped visual effect, which improves the visual hierarchy of the car. The interior of the headlight group uses H-type LED daytime driving lights, while similar H-style daylight is added, which greatly enhances the recognition of the vehicle. In the rear part, the new generation Shengda adopts a brand-new design shape, which tends to be vertical in the shape of the rear cover. the addition of H-shaped taillights on both sides also echoes with the front of the car, and the steering light is located at the lower bumper. The rear window has a pretty good view.

In the interior part, the new generation of Shengda interior is also newly designed, with a 12.3-inch central control screen and dashboard, a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, a penetrating air conditioning outlet and a 6.6-inch touch screen below to further optimize the convenience of driving. In terms of details, the interior is mostly leather-clad, with two kinds of double light gray tones, center console details and door position to add wood grain decoration, and penetrating atmosphere lights set off a hard and comfortable cockpit feeling.

In the power part, the new car will be equipped with a hybrid system of 2.5T turbocharged four-cylinder engine and 1.6T turbocharged matching motor. The maximum power of 2.5L engine is 194 horsepower, which is matched by an eight-speed automatic gearbox. And you can choose front-drive or four-wheel drive models. The maximum power of the hybrid system is 226 horsepower and matches the 6-speed automatic transmission.

The new Tusheng has been declared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it will continue to launch a hybrid version of fuel and oil and electricity. As a medium-term revamped model, the appearance of the new Tusheng is still familiar with the family style, but it is more sporty than the current model, and the front face is very eye-catching with a similar borderless grille shape with split headlamp design. the more wild front enclosure design is even "integrated" with the front grille, so that the overall front face of the vehicle has a thicker visual effect. The rear is not much different from the current model, and at the top is the iconic through taillight design, with downward protruding "fangs" taillights to further enhance the sense of hierarchy at the rear. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4670/1865/1690mm and the wheelbase is 2755mm.

In terms of interior decoration, with reference to the overseas version of the model, the new Tusheng is equipped with the current popular double-screen design, LCD instrument and center console are 12.3 inches in size, through-type air conditioning outlet design can improve the visual width of the car. In addition, the new car uses a shielding design, with two cup holders and a wireless charging panel integrated under the center console.

In terms of power, the new car will continue to provide fuel version and hybrid version, in which the fuel version is equipped with 1.5T four-cylinder engine, maximum power 147kW, matching eight-speed automatic transmission; the hybrid version is composed of 2.0L engine + motor, the maximum engine power is 111kW, and its ternary lithium battery pack is from Jiangsu Yueda New Energy Battery Co., Ltd.

As for the new Kustu, there is not much news so far. It is understood that Kusto, a medium and large MPV of Beijing Hyundai, will be listed in September 2021 with a price range of 16.98-218800 yuan. In the power part, Beijing Hyundai Kostu carries 1.5T engines produced by Beijing Hyundai Automobile Co., Ltd. and 2.0T engines from Shandong Hyundai Weiya Automobile engine Co., Ltd., with maximum power of 170 horsepower and 236 horsepower respectively. The whole system matches the 8-speed automatic transmission. However, sales of the MPV are mediocre, with 12926 units sold in 2023.

According to the official website, there are currently nine models on sale in Beijing Hyundai, but sales of all models except Elantra are relatively mediocre, compared with joint venture models of the same level. According to official figures, Beijing Hyundai sold a total of 257000 new cars in 2023, up 2.8 percent from a year earlier, with the highest sales of Elantra, 108700, ix35 and Tusheng, 43600 and 53000, respectively.

Compared with some moribund brands, Korean cars still have a certain market foundation, including the supply strength of overseas groups, and there is still a chance to turn around. From the current market changes, Korean brands have gone out of two routes, on the one hand, Hyundai, Kia brand to high-end transformation, like Chinese brands, greatly improve the products, and targeted in the blank market. This is also accompanied by the elimination of old low-end models, and efforts to improve the brand image. On the other hand is the transformation of new energy, including power-generating electric vehicles and hydrogen-fueled vehicles. As the third largest automobile group in the world, with strong technical reserves and financial resources, it can quickly respond to market changes. Although Chinese brands have stood in the center of the new energy competition, the global market is the final journey.

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