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Ask the official to reduce the price by 20,000! Multi-brands follow the price reduction

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In sharp contrast to Tesla's price increase, domestic automakers once again cut prices on a large scale, including not only independent brands but also joint venture brands.

On April 1, the first day of the second quarter, Huawei Hongmeng Zhihang's new M7 model was adjusted for its rights and interests. The price of the new M7 Plus rear-drive version starts at 229800 yuan, with a straight drop of 20, 000 yuan, but the original gift includes HUD head display, main driver's head pillow audio, electric suction door and crystal handle, which now costs 15000 yuan to choose, that is to say, the actual price reduction is only 5000 yuan, and the price of the M5 Plus all-wheel drive remains the same. In addition, the new M7 smart car version, whether it is four or five, rear-drive or four-wheel drive has dropped by 10,000 yuan, and the above technology comfort packages are still available free of charge.

The new M7 was officially launched on September 12, 2023, offering five configuration models and two optional layouts of five or six seats. the starting price range is 24.98 to 329800 yuan, which falls in the same price band as the medium-sized SUV M5 of the same brand. Compared with the older models, the new M7 offers intelligent extended range, longer battery life and lower energy consumption, as well as two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions. To put it simply, the price of the new M7 is not only reduced but also added, and its price is comparable to the M5 that locates the medium-sized SUV. Coupled with the blessing of Huawei's smart car, it will detonate the market as soon as it is listed. Since October 2023, M7 sales have continued to exceed 10,000, making it a veritable popular model.

With the explosion of the new M7, after entering 2024, the AITO boundary has also become the head of the new power. In January, AITO won the first place in New Power sales with a score of 33000 vehicles. In February, there were 21100 super-ideal cars, of which the new M7 made the biggest contribution, with 18500. In March, it sold 31700 vehicles, still the top seller of the new force, of which the new M7 was 24600, accounting for 77% of the total sales, and the number of the M9 was 6243.

This new M7 will lower the purchase threshold, which will have a significant impact on the ideal L6. It is understood that the ideal car will launch the ideal L6 in the second quarter, which is the lowest positioning model under the ideal car, with a price below 300000 yuan, which undertakes the important task of increasing the ideal car market in the future. If the pricing of the ideal L6 is higher than that of the new M7, then it will have a great impact on the ideal car. After all, the new M7 is blessed by Huawei, with a larger size and a cheaper price.

In addition to the AITO question, many brands have announced price cuts today.

On April 1, Xiaopeng Automobile official announced that its 2024 Xiaopeng G9 car purchase enjoyed smart driving subsidy, and the current car time limit was reduced to as high as 20, 000 yuan, starting from 243900 yuan after the subsidy. In addition, Xiaopeng also offers a number of optional discounts, including a 50% discount on the color limit of Star Green and Star Gray cars, and a 20% discount on the time limit of smart dual-chamber air suspension. As Xiaopeng's flagship model, the initial guidance price of the G9 was as high as 30.99-469900 yuan, and a series of problems such as too complex matching logic led to poor sales and failed to meet expectations. Later, Xiaopeng launched the 2023 G9, and in the case of a slight reduction in configuration, the guidance price was also reduced to 26.39-359900 yuan, which slightly alleviated the sales decline of the G9.

Wuling Automobile official announced that its Wuling colorful fruit launched a discount of up to 10000 yuan, with a subsidised price range of 55800-83800 yuan. The car is positioned as a pure electric small car and provides three endurance versions of 203km, 333km and 410km (all under CLTC operating conditions).

Polar Krypton car official Xuan, its polar krypton 007 launched a post-drive enhanced version, the official guidance price is 209900 yuan. In addition to the new rear-drive enhanced version, extreme Krypton 007 also offers time-limited car purchase rights. The enhanced rear-drive version, rear-drive version, four-wheel drive version and four-wheel drive version are available for free with a clear sky blue / dawning brown exterior combination. The limited time option price for a 100 kWh ternary lithium battery pack is 20,000 yuan. Enhanced rear-drive, four-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive performance models can get one-year experience of NZP high-speed autonomous navigation assistance, while rear-drive intelligent driving version and four-wheel drive version can get life-long functional experience of ZAD fully intelligent driving assistance system.

Wei Laiguanxuan, in response to the call of the State Council's "Action Plan for promoting large-scale equipment upgrading and Consumer goods Trade-in", launched a subsidy of up to 1 billion yuan for fuel truck replacement. From now on, oil tanker users replace 2024 new cars, in addition to the existing policy, will also receive an additional 10000 yuan optional fund subsidy.

Geely Auto official announced that some of its models can enjoy preferential car purchase policies, the subsidy policy is before April 30. After the comprehensive discount, Dihao L HiP has the largest comprehensive discount, with a maximum discount of 53000 yuan, with a starting price of 82800 yuan. The starting price of Xingyue L is 117700 yuan, and that of Xingrui is 86700 yuan. Boyue COOL, Boyue L and the fourth generation Dihao can enjoy a comprehensive trade-in discount of up to 1.9-21000 yuan. After the discount, the starting price of the fourth generation Dihao is 51900 yuan. In addition, Haoyue PRO and Haoyue L enjoy the highest comprehensive discounts of 14000 yuan and 30 thousand yuan respectively, while colorful Yue, colorful Rui COOL, ICON and Jiaji L also enjoy discounts ranging from 14000 yuan to 16000 yuan respectively. It is worth noting that Panda mini can enjoy a cash discount of 10, 000 yuan, with a starting price of 29900 yuan.

Chery also announced that the purchase of time-limited designated models is tax-free. This 10 billion subsidy replacement season covers Ruihu 8 PRO Champions, Ruihu 8 PLUS Champions, Ruihu 9, Arize 8 High Energy Edition and Discovery 06 models.

In addition to Chinese brands, joint venture brands have also announced to join the price reduction camp. FAW-Volkswagen officials announced the additional subsidy policy, including additional cash subsidy of 5000 yuan, replacement subsidy of 4000 yuan, and so on. SAIC-Volkswagen launched the new and outstanding version of Lang Yi, offering the outstanding new Yi version and the outstanding new wish version, with prices of 79990 yuan and 87990 yuan respectively, with the former reduced by 20, 000 yuan and the latter by 22000 yuan, and the configuration remains unchanged. It is understood that the official also limited time to introduce policies such as free purchase tax, up to 20% discount for 3 years, 15% discount for 2 years, and 10% discount for 1 year.

The growth rate of new energy car companies in 2024 is under pressure, so the price war will continue, especially in the mainstream price range of 100000 yuan to 200000 yuan. The new energy vehicle market shows the characteristics of fission, with the maturity of various technology route market segments, the new model will greatly enrich the choice of consumers, but it may also intensify homogenization competition. Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the all-China Federation of passengers, once said, "2024 is a key year for new energy vehicle companies to gain a firm foothold, and the competition is destined to be very fierce."

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