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Sold out in seconds! The original version of Xiaomi car goes on sale.

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On March 31, Xiaomi officially announced that the second round of the original version would be launched.

Officials say the reason for the additional sale is that some abnormal orders and scalpers were identified and blocked in the process of ordering the original version of Xiaomi SU7. At the same time, it is pointed out that the follow-up will not open a new round of orders, the original order of Xiaomi SU7 is the same as earlier, the deposit is still 20000 yuan, the order is locked; users who have ordered a non-original version can also participate in this round of sales, after the order is successful, the original order can be converted to the original version.

It is worth mentioning that the additional launch time of the second round of the original version of Xiaomi SU7 started at 12:00 today, and it was left empty as soon as it started.

It is understood that Xiaomi SU7 launched on March 28th, the new car positioning pure electric sedan, a total of three models, the price of 21.59-299900 yuan. The first batch of 5000 limited edition models of Xiaomi SU7 were officially launched, which were sold out less than a minute after the launch night.

What is the difference between the limited original version of Xiaomi SU7 and other versions, in fact, the two are the same in price, but compared with a series of standard models, the original model adds new exclusive logo, exclusive gift box, limited exclusive nameplate and Lei Jun signature version of Bluetooth key, carbon fiber rearview mirror with a free upgrade value of 8000 yuan and other rights. In addition, due to the difference in delivery time, the original version will start delivery on April 3, while other versions will be delivered at the end of April and the end of May.

The speed of the original version of Xiaomi SU7 also makes many netizens wonder how much real sales are behind Xiaomi SU7. Although, the official announced that the number of Xiaomi SU7 on the first day of listing reached 88898. However, there was news in the market yesterday that as of the afternoon of March 30, the real lock volume of Xiaomi SU7 was almost 20, 000.

Xu Jieyun, special assistant to the chairman of Xiaomi Group, responded in a post on Weibo today: "We have seen the media quote so-called insiders as saying that Xiaomi SU7 has locked up." All I can say is that this and that number is wrong. It has yet to be officially announced how many lock orders Xiaomi SU7 has. After all, the official data released so far are only big data, while Xiaomi SU7 is refundable within 7 days. Therefore, the actual lock data of this car will not be true until a few days later.

In addition, the automotive industry is concerned about the transfer demand for orders on Xiaomi SU7 posted by a large number of netizens on a second-hand e-commerce platform. Most of the netizens who posted said that the order had been locked by themselves, and now they can only change the order at a loss.

In fact, the day after Xiaomi SU7 went public, there were a lot of complaints about Xiaomi SU7 orders on the Internet. Basically, the problem of complaint is that the deposit is non-refundable. In response, the official response said: the decision of Xiaomi car can be refunded in 7 days, but there is a premise that the user does not have the choice to lock the configuration, but if the user actively locks the choice of configuration, once the lock configuration is completed, the vehicle will enter the production stage, and the configuration cannot be modified again, in which case the deposit is non-refundable. At the same time, officials also announced that Xiaomi's customer service system had received a total of 469 requests for refund and modification as of 12:00 on March 29th.

It is not difficult to see that the hot order of Xiaomi SU7 also brings a series of problems, but the most important problem is undoubtedly the problem of production capacity. Lei Jun said earlier: I am particularly worried that Xiaomi SU7 will not be popular at first, so no one will buy it. What is more worried is that if everyone comes to buy it, they will definitely be scolded if they have to wait for a year or two. According to the auto industry focus on Xiaomi Automobile App, officials show that the delivery time of Xiaomi car SU7 has been extended, with the standard version expected to be delivered in 13 to 16 weeks and the Max version expected to be delivered in 24 to 27 weeks.

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