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Tesla launched the zero-interest car purchase policy by installments.

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After Tesla increased the price of the whole department by 5000 yuan. On April 3, officials launched a "zero interest" car purchase activity by installments.

According to the official publicity posters: booking before April 30, April 3 to the end of June to complete delivery, car purchase can enjoy five years of zero interest activities. At the same time, the official poster also put up the slogan "driving home at ultra-low interest rates for three years, Tesla can also buy back the car at 45% of the invoice price."

Judging from the official time-limited benefits of car purchase, it is still very powerful. Of course, behind Tesla's introduction of preferential car purchase, it has something to do with the increasingly fierce market competition and poor sales in the first quarter. Recently, Xiaomi SU7 directly detonated the market, and the direct target of Xiaomi SU7 is Tesla Model 3. The listing of SU7 not only brings pressure to other car companies, but also has a certain impact on Tesla. Data show that: by the time Xiaomi SU7 went public, the number of Dadu has exceeded 100000.

Since the listing of Xiaomi SU7, according to incomplete statistics, more than ten car companies have announced price cuts. On April 1, the price of the new M7 model was adjusted by 20, 000 yuan, and the price of the new M7 Plus drive version starts at 229800 yuan after the adjustment. On the same day, Xiaopeng car for the 2024 Xiaopeng G9 launched a limited time reduction to up to 20, 000 yuan activities, subsidized Xiaopeng G9 price from 243900 yuan. Wuling Motors also announced a price reduction, offering a discount of up to 10000 yuan for its Wuling colorful fruit, with a subsidised price range of 55800-83800 yuan.

In addition, there are Xilai Motor, Polar Krypton Motor, Geely, Chery, FAW-Volkswagen, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, Euler, and Lantu Motors have all introduced time-limited subsidy policies for car purchases. Among them, Weilai launched a subsidy of up to 1 billion yuan for fuel truck replacement. Oil tanker users replace 2024 new cars, in addition to the existing policy, will also receive an additional 10000 yuan optional fund subsidy. Geely is aimed at Dihao L HiP, Xingyue L, colorful Yue, colorful Rui COOL, ICON and other models to launch up to 53000 yuan preferential policies.

Euler officially announced that from April 1 to 30, Euler will launch a limited-time car purchase activity, with a comprehensive discount of up to 40,000 yuan. GAC Honda also offers a time-limited car purchase discount with a time-limited subsidy of up to 51000 yuan, with 24 periods of zero interest. Judging from the time-limited car purchase policies issued by car companies, one is better than the other. In this context, Tesla also had to increase the intensity of preferential treatment.

At the same time, Tesla's domestic sales are gradually weakening. With the rapid launch of domestic new energy models, consumers can choose not only Tesla. Data show that Tesla's wholesale sales in China in March were 89100 vehicles, and a total of 220900 vehicles were delivered in the first quarter of this year, down from the same period last year. For reference, Tesla delivered 229300 vehicles in the same period last year.

Of course, in order to stimulate sales, Tesla also announced a price increase policy before. However, judging from Tesla's sales in the first quarter, the effect of the price increase strategy is not ideal. Truss's sales in the first quarter are lower than market expectations. At present, Tesla's main sales in China are the domestic Model 3 and Model Y models. Some industry insiders pointed out that these two models, Model 3 and Model Y, have reached the end of their life cycle, and their products are being overtaken by Chinese car companies.

In the context of these factors, Tesla launched time-limited car purchase discount activities or it is not difficult to understand. The auto industry is concerned that the biggest highlight of Tesla's car purchase policy is not the zero interest purchase policy, but the open three-year policy to buy back the car at 45% of the invoice price. After all, the preservation rate is an important indicator of the value of a brand and a model. Few car companies offer a range of 45% of the protected value. As a reference, Mercedes-Benz's minimum hedge is set between 39% and 44%. On the other hand, Tesla has reached 45%, which fully reflects Tesla's confidence in his own products.

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