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Medium-sized car sales list! Mercedes-Benz C Class soars first

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Retail sales in the domestic narrow passenger car market were 1.687 million in March, up 6.0 per cent from a year earlier and 52.8 per cent month-on-month, according to the Federation of passengers. Of this total, car sales were 780000, an increase of 2.4% over the same period last year and 56.1% month-on-month.

According to the March top15 list of medium-sized sedan sales counted by Automotive Industry concern, there were more than 10,000 models sold in March, namely Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Passat, Model 3, BMW 3-Series, Maiteng, Red Flag H5 and Audi A4L.

Compared with February, the ranking of the top 10 models on the March list has changed dramatically. For comparison, the top 10 models on the February midsize car list are Passat, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Maiteng, BMW 3-Series, Red Flag H5, Model 3, Camry, Audi A4L, Accord and Wuling Xingguang PHEV, of which Passat, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Maiteng sold more than 10,000 vehicles. By comparison, seven models sold more than 10,000 vehicles in March.

Specifically, Mercedes-Benz C-Class sold 20700 vehicles in March, up 83.14% from a month earlier, making it the only model on the list that sold more than 20, 000 vehicles. For comparison, Mercedes-Benz sold 11303 C-Class cars in February. Among the BBA luxury brands, the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4L are among the top 10, with sales of 12924 BMW 3-Series and 10599 Audi A4L. At present, the price range of Mercedes-Benz C-Class on sale is 33.32-380600 yuan, while that of the BMW 3-Series is 29.99-399900 yuan, and that of Audi A4L is 32.18-400800 yuan.

The German-Chinese duo Volkswagen Passat and Maiteng sold 19446 and 12252 cars respectively in March, which are sister models to each other, but the Passat sales are slightly better, ranking second and fifth respectively. It is worth mentioning that in 2024, Passat has been at the top of the list for two months in a row, with sales of 22313 in January and 11641 in February.

Tesla Model 3 ranked third on the list, with sales of 14481 vehicles. For comparison, Tesla's retail sales in China in March were 62398, of which 47917 were located medium-sized SUV Model Y, while Model 3 sales were much lower than Model Y.

In March, two domestic cars entered the top10 list, the Red Flag H5 and Cadillac CT5, with sales of 10886 and 6292 respectively. Among them, the Red Flag H5 ranks sixth on the list. Compared with other Red Flag models, the Red Flag H5 is positioned as a younger group, and it has become the representative of an independent medium-sized car because of its relatively friendly price, which currently ranges from 15.98 yuan to 225800 yuan.

In the past, Accord, Camry and Teana have long accounted for a large share of the midsize sedan sector, but that has changed. Accord and Camry, which sold 8462 and 6842 cars respectively in March, have fallen out of the top five. As for the reasons for the decline, Automotive Industry concern believes that it is mainly related to the replacement of models. On March 6, the 9th generation Camry of Guangzhou Auto Toyota officially launched nine new models, including four 2.0L gasoline models and five 2.0L intelligent electric hybrid dual-engine models, of which the gasoline version is priced at 17.18-196800 yuan and the intelligent hybrid dual-engine model is priced at 17.98-206800 yuan. Accord went on the market on May 20, 2023, launching a total of 7 models with fuel version and plug-in power, with a price range of 17.98-258800 yuan. Teana, which is also one of the top three in Japan, has fallen off the list of top10, with sales of 6149.

In addition to the above models, Red Flag E-QM5, Regal, Wuling Starlight PHEV and Toyota bZ3 also entered the top15 list in March, with sales of 5911, 5855, 5756 and 5697, respectively.

Among them, Wuling Xingguang PHEV went on sale in December 2023, with a price of 8.88-105800 yuan. It mainly competes with BYD Qin PLUS DM-i (9.98-145800 yuan), Geely Galaxy L6 (11.58-149800 yuan) and Changan Qiyuan A05 (8.99-132900 yuan) in the car market. In comparison, Wuling Xingguang has more advantages in body size, coupled with the lower starting price is also in line with the market awareness of the Wuling brand, which is the reason why the car can be included in the user purchase list. As a new car, there are only 4 or so on the market, Wuling Xingguang PHEV has entered the list of medium-sized car sales top15 models, this performance is indeed remarkable in the car market, from the sales situation of the past few months on the market, Wuling Xingguang PHEV does have the potential of popular style.

As for the bZ3, it is FAW Toyota's second bZ series model and the first model of Toyota's partnership with BYD. The new car is located as an all-electric medium-sized sedan, which will go on sale in March 2023 with a price range of 16.98 yuan to 199800 yuan. BZ3 is built on the e-TNGA platform, in which Toyota provides vehicle design and BYD provides Sandian technology.

That's a list of top15 models for mid-size sedan sales in March. Generally speaking, the overall car market picked up in March, and the growth rate of some of the subdivided models is very obvious. In the medium-sized sedan camp, Mercedes-Benz C-class strong "crazy" to the top of the list. It should be noted that with the replacement of Maiteng, Passat and other models this year, coupled with the intensified domestic price war, it is expected that the competition in the medium-sized car market will be more fierce at that time.

At present, the declaration chart of the new generation Maiteng model has appeared in the declaration catalogue, the new car adjusts the exterior and interior decoration, and the power is equipped with a 2.0T engine, and it is expected that Maiteng will be on the market faster than Passat.

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