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BMW CEO Oliver Zipp renews his contract until 2026

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On September 28th, BMW Group announced that the BMW Group Supervisory Board made the above decision at the meeting to extend Mr. Mr. Oliver Zipse's contract until 2026.


It is understood that Zipze was born in 1964 and joined the BMW Group as a trainee in R & D and production after graduating from Darmstadt University of Technology in 1991; in 2009, he was promoted to Senior Vice President of BMW Group in charge of technical planning; in charge of enterprise planning and product strategy since 2012; in May 2015, he was promoted to head of the production department and joined the board of directors of BMW Group in the same year. In August 2019, Chipze became chairman of BMW Group and CEO.

Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the supervisory board of BMW, said: "Oliver Zipse has made a great contribution to the company in the past few years. Successfully navigate a highly volatile environment. Under his leadership, BMW Group continues to strengthen its global leadership after a period of global crisis and profound changes.

During his tenure, Chipze promoted the electrified transformation of BMW. According to BMW's plan, annual sales of its all-electric models will rise to more than 50 per cent of global annual sales by 2030, totaling more than 10 million vehicles. In the process of achieving this goal, the Chinese market, as the largest single market of BMW Group, plays an important role in realizing its electric transformation strategy.

According to public data, BMW Group sold nearly 2.4 million vehicles (including MINI) worldwide in 2022, with 792000 vehicles sold in China, accounting for 33% of the total. In the first half of 2023, BMW Group sold 1.2149 million vehicles worldwide, of which 392260 were sold in China, accounting for more than 30% of sales, accounting for 32.32%.


In the first half of the year, BMW Group's monthly sales of pure electric models in the Chinese market were about 7500, with a cumulative sales of 44900, an increase of more than 200% compared with the monthly sales of some domestic new energy products on the market. BMW Group's performance in the new energy market still needs to pay more.

According to the official website, the BMW Group's domestic pure electric models include iX1, i3 and iX3 models, with a cumulative sales of 26650 iX3 vehicles and 29619 i3 models in the first eight months, with a relatively general market performance. In the price band of about 300000 yuan, many domestic brands have completed the layout, and have a firm foothold in this price belt, such as polar krypton 001, Lulai ES6 and other products.

With the development of China's new energy market, more and more independent car brands overtake the market share of high-end cars, including BMW. Data show that the cumulative delivery of polar krypton 001 in the first half of 2023 was 29000 vehicles, an increase of 164.4% over the same period last year. The cumulative sales of ES6 in the first half of this year also exceeded 30, 000 vehicles, becoming the core support of Lulai car sales. In addition, BYD, Changan, SAIC and other car companies have laid out the high-end market one after another. If BMW Group wants to catch up and even surpass, it actually needs a popular electric model to appear.

In the Chinese market, BMW Group obviously needs to make up more lessons if it wants to continue its advantage in fuel vehicles and enjoy the market dividend of the rapid development of new energy vehicles in China with a number of electric models.

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