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Indecent photos taken by the camera in the car! Ideal car response

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On April 15, the official account of the legal Department of ideal car said in a statement that it had recently received a report from users that someone had spread pornographic pictures taken by the camera inside the so-called ideal car.

In this regard, ideal car solemnly declares: ideal car has delivered more than 700000 ideal cars, none of the car sensors have the ability to view remotely, as well as store pictures, audio and video. The ideal car puts privacy in the most important position, and even the driving recorder only allows the owner to store it locally and does not record sound. The ideal car respects and protects the privacy and security of users, and all data processing behaviors are in line with the relevant requirements of national laws and regulations.

Ideal car said that this is for lawbreakers to use devices other than vehicles to shoot pornographic pictures, to spread and smear them through WeChat groups by means of shifting flowers and trees, the means are extremely dirty and bad, and the circumstances are extremely serious. It's a typical crime. For lawbreakers to create and spread online rumors by means of fraud, ideal cars have collected relevant evidence and reported the case to the public security organs as soon as possible.

Ideal car emphasizes zero tolerance for any behavior that smears the enterprise through illegal and criminal means, and will use legal means to investigate the legal responsibility of the criminals behind it, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of ideal cars and users.

As the automobile industry enters a new era of intelligent network connection, network security and user data security have become an important part of automobile security and everyone's attention. As more and more new cars are equipped with in-car cameras, people often pay attention to the privacy and security of in-car cameras.

Earlier, another car company, Gaohe, was also leaked camera photos of its models. In response, Gaohe officially stated that there is no act of Gaohe officials to obtain or leak relevant images. Gaohe backstage is technically and legally unable to remotely access the local image of the camera, and said that the local image data will not be uploaded to the cloud.

It is understood that the camera monitoring equipment in the car is usually arranged above the A column or the rearview mirror of the car, and the main work includes face recognition to verify the identity of the driver. at the technical level, it can record the facial features of the driver and even the audio image inside the car. Secondly, as part of driving assistance, it is used to monitor driver fatigue in real time and continuously and give timely warning. For example, when the driver's fatigue and mind-wandering behavior are detected by the camera in the car, the system will warn the police to improve driving safety.

To some extent, the installation of cameras in cars can bring a lot of convenience to drivers and vehicle safety to a certain extent. But at the same time, as an important part of the intelligent network, the in-car camera can easily lead to data leakage and personal privacy exposure if it is maliciously attacked. It is understood that hackers can take advantage of the loopholes in the camera equipment to control the camera and illegally obtain private information about vehicles. At the same time, they can also monitor users in real time, causing car owners to face hidden dangers of life, property and information privacy.

Admittedly, after the automobile industry has entered the new era of intelligent network connection, data has become the core element of intelligent vehicles, and data security is the top priority of intelligent vehicle security, which also means that information security needs to run in front of intelligent vehicles. In this context, "how to store data, transmit data, and use data" is a new issue that regulators, vehicle enterprises and data companies must face.

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