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The ideal car is said to have signed a contract with Uzbekistan! Official response

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Recently, a group of pictures about the signing ceremony of the ideal car sales authorization with Uzbekistan and the pictures of visiting the factory have been circulated on the Internet. Caused many netizens to speculate whether the ideal car is entering the overseas market.

On April 13, in response to this news, the ideal Automobile Law Department issued an article saying that the latest progress of the ideal car going to sea and the signing of a contract with Uzbekistan are false news.

Officials said: it has been verified that the "Uzbekistan sales authorization contract" shown in some online pictures is not an ideal car official behavior, and the picture is falsely manufacturing and spreading false information in the name of an ideal car. In addition, it is also emphasized that ideal Automobile has not organized and received any factory visits aimed at dealers, and with regard to the description of the so-called visits to ideal car factories by relevant personnel, ideal Automobile has collected relevant evidence and reported the case to the public security organs. The specific situation needs to wait for the results of the police investigation.

It is worth mentioning that with regard to the progress of ideal cars going out to sea, as early as the end of December last year, there was news on the market that ideal cars will launch export plans this year, and the first markets to enter are Middle Eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. it may also include some North African countries. At that time, in response to the news, the official response: "No comment." In previous years, in the second half of 2021, a person familiar with the matter revealed that he had planned to enter the US market and set up a team of about 30 people in Beijing, mainly responsible for overseas market promotion, brand strategy, strategic analysis, data analysis and so on. In the following year, however, due to a slowdown in the pace of official sea trips, some members of the team were transferred to domestic operations, while others left.

At present, ideal cars are sold to overseas markets by parallel export. It is understood that parallel export cars are not authorized by brand manufacturers, traders buy from the Chinese market, the introduction of overseas markets for sales process. Generally speaking, vehicles that can achieve parallel exits are very popular. Only in this way can traders export them. After all, they can increase their prices in the course of sale to make a profit.

In July last year, ideal car CEO also issued a statement on the parallel export of ideal car, saying: ideal car will not be an overseas market before 2025, but will concentrate all its resources to achieve the 2025 goal. We will still maintain the direct sales model in overseas markets. At the same time, it is stressed that there is no right to limit the demand for private parallel exports, and there are no special prices. There are no agents overseas, and those who claim to be agents are fake. Will not authorize any agents and dealers, will always adhere to the direct sales model, in the digital age, this model is very healthy.

At present, with the increasingly fierce competition for new energy vehicles, the ideal car layout for overseas markets may also be in the plan. Recently, Liu Jie, vice president of ideal Automotive Business, revealed in an interview with the media: the plan to go out to sea this year is mainly in the Middle East market, and now it has started the construction of a local sales and service team in Dubai. Car delivery in Dubai is expected to start in the fourth quarter of this year. In addition, it is also said that exports will begin this year, but the Chinese market will be the ideal and absolute core strategic market until 2030. Although the overseas market is important, we do not want to find a few foreign traders to make quick money overseas, but hope to establish a direct marketing system in the local area in a down-to-earth manner to serve local consumers.

In fact, the current domestic new energy vehicle price war is getting fiercer and fiercer, and the ideal car is also facing great challenges in the market. Earlier, officials had high hopes for the ideal MEGA of the new model, but unfortunately the MEGA did not become an instant hit. To this end, the ideal government has also made a series of organizational structure adjustments. According to the official plan, the sales target for the whole year of 2024 is 800000 vehicles. With reference to ideal car sales of 80400 vehicles in the first quarter, it is not easy to achieve the annual target.

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