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The second model of Xiaomi car has been exposed!

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According to 36 Krypton, Xiaomi's second new car will be based on the pure electric SUV and is expected to be launched in the first half of 2025, continuing the design standards of Xiaomi's first model, while the third model is initially positioned at 150000 yuan and is expected to be launched in 2026.

At present, Xiaomi has not released any information about the second car, so the authenticity of the report has yet to be confirmed.

Xiaomi SU7 was officially launched on March 28th, 2024, with a total of three configurations, priced at 215900 yuan for the standard version, 245900 yuan for the Pro version and 299900 yuan for the Max version. The mission of Xiaomi SU7 is very clear, that is to build a Dream Car comparable to Porsche and Tesla, and become the benchmark for pure electric cars.

Xiaomi SU7 positioning coupe, smooth body lines and slippery rear design is indeed impressive, but this type of model also has a drawback, that is, the back space is too cramped, especially not friendly to male friends, before the SU7 listing, some netizens exposed this problem, but Xiaomi Group's Lu Weibing clarified that a number of videos online proved that Xiaomi SU7 space is spacious. In fact, the millet SU7 can be called a Dream Car comparable to Porsche and Tesla, but it is definitely not the Dream Car of an ordinary family.

So why is the first car of Xiaomi not a SUV, but a car? Previously, Xiaomi mentioned in "answering 100 questions from netizens" that the car is the "king of industry" and the car is the representative of the "spirit of the times". Lei Jun also answered why the first model of Xiaomi car didn't do SUV or MPV. Lei Jun believes that, first of all, the car is used to drive, the car has a better sense of driving, suitable for daily care of small families. Secondly, the market demand for cars is very large, the total amount is similar to that of SUV, but it is very difficult to make pure electric cars, and there are not many good pure electric cars on the market now. Some netizens believe that when Xiaomi set up the project in 2021, the best seller was Model 3. Later, after the domestic Model Y was listed, Model 3 was gradually replaced.

In fact, no matter what the reason why Xiaomi makes cars, the current hot market of Xiaomi SU7, as the new life of the automobile industry, has been very successful. Judging from the 24-hour data of nearly 90,000 cars and the popularity of test-driving queues in stores, Xiaomi has indeed taken the first step in building a successful car. Yesterday, Lei Jun also announced at the Xiaomi investors' meeting that as of April 20, the lock volume of Xiaomi SU7 exceeded 70, 000 units, and the delivery target of Xiaomi SU7 in 2024 exceeded 100000 vehicles.

If Xiaomi wants to further lead the market, the SUV must be a must. As for whether Xiaomi's second car is the SUV, Automotive Industry focus believes that it is still a great possibility. First of all, for Chinese people, SUV is much more attractive than cars. In 2023, Tesla's Model Y sales were 456400, while Tesla's Model 3 was only 147300, and the Model Y was twice as many as the Model 3, so there is no reason why Xiaomi should not do SUV. Second, the SU7 positioning coupe, although the market feedback is good, but after all, it is the first car, there will inevitably be some places that can not be taken into account, these "regrets" may be made up on SUV. In addition, Xiaomi still needs to take into account the expectations of more users, re-recognize the importance of home SUV, solve the pain points of users who have not been solved by the models on sale, and create a truly useful family car.

As for what Xiaomi SUV looks like, in fact, long before the launch of SU7, there were many "wild designers" who drew renderings of Xiaomi SUV according to SU7's design style, some like Porsche Cayenne, some like Aston Martin DBX, and according to existing accounts, Xiaomi SUV will continue the design style of the first model, so it is the same sports in appearance design, but is expected to be optimized in many aspects, such as interior space, etc. In order to meet the needs of users for household SUV.

For Xiaomi, mass production of the first model has been achieved, and orders have far exceeded market expectations, but this is only the first step. If Xiaomi wants to find a way among many new energy car companies, it must face a lot of difficulties to overcome. Lei Jun has said that Xiaomi's future goal is to enter the top five in the world within 15-20 years.

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