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It starts at 359900 yuan! New Buick GL8 Luzun PHEV listed

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On the afternoon of April 24th, SAIC General Motors Buick announced that the new GL8 Luzun PHEV, a new deluxe business class, was officially launched, with a total of three models priced between 359900 and 419900 yuan. It is understood that the new Buick GL8 Luzun PHEV internal positioning is higher than the current GL8 ES Luzun, power equipped with 1.5T plug hybrid system.

In terms of appearance, the new car uses the same design concept as Century CENTURY, with a large grille design on the front face, split headlights on both sides, daily headlights on the upper and headlights on the lower, which is more in line with the current mainstream design style as a whole.

On the side of the body, the new car runs through the front and rear by a waistline, the visual effect is quite slender, and the B, C, D columns are blackened and equipped with dense spokes and rims to enhance the fashion sense of the vehicle. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5219/1878/1807mm and wheelbase 3088mm respectively. The rear part of the car, the new car taillights still use through design, both sides of the lamp group and the front face before and after the formation of echo, the overall visual effect is very coordinated.

In the interior part, the new car adopts the luxury design style of new technology, creating a luxurious space and flexible layout. The car is equipped with a penetrating curved central control screen, and a multi-functional smart island platform is designed, which integrates a variety of convenient functions such as cold and warm box, cup holder, wireless charging and so on. In terms of seat layout, the new car will provide optional six-seat and seven-seat cockpit layouts, of which the seven-seat version also has the electric folding function of the third row of seats to further improve space utilization and practicality.

On the power side, the new car is built by the new PHEV smart electric plug-in system, including a new plug-in electric drive unit developed by itself, a plug-in battery of the same standard as Altenon, and a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a deep Miller cycle. Comprehensive power 292kW, comprehensive torque 580N ·m, CLTC comprehensive mileage up to 1370 km.

The Buick GL8 was first put into production in China in 1999, and the first generation model was launched in 2000. The car is based on the family design language of Buick in the new century at that time, and it is equipped with 3.0L V6+4AT power system. In view of the slender body and the layout of seven seats, it has been widely used in a variety of official and business occasions after listing. The Buick GL8 was revamped for the first time in 2003, and the Buick GL8 Luzun model was launched in July 2005. the car has a more magnificent appearance and more luxurious configurations, and the power continues to carry 3.0L V6+4AT powertrain.

After 10 years, the second generation of Buick GL8 was officially listed in October 2011. Compared with the first generation model, this generation model is more local in appearance design, officially named "GL8 luxury business car". In terms of power, it is equipped with two power systems, 2.4L+6AT and 3.0L+6AT, and uses the Buick GL8, which is sold together for two generations, and the market sales are booming all the way. The third-generation Buick GL8 was launched in November 2016. compared with the previous two generation models, the third-generation models have taken on a new look in appearance, interior and power performance, even the size has been further magnified, and the biggest change is in the power parameters. all the third-generation models have been replaced with 2.0T turbocharged engines. The third generation Buick GL8 is divided into business travel version, es Luzun and Avenir (Avia) three models, of which the most luxurious is the Avenir version, which is mainly reflected in that the Avenir model can enjoy special butler service as well as special body color, wheel hub shape, appearance decoration, custom seats and so on.

In August 2022, the new Buick GL8 family launched a total of 20 models of GL8 Avia, GL8 ES Lu Zun and GL8 land business class, with prices ranging from 232900 yuan to 533900 yuan. In terms of power, the new Buick GL8 family is equipped with a 2.0T engine + 48V light hybrid system, in which the maximum power of the engine is 174kW, the peak torque is 350Nm, and the transmission system matches the 9-block automatic gearbox.

Retail data show that SAIC GM Buick sold 517631 vehicles in 2023, of which Buick GL8 accounted for 110908. SAIC GM Buick sold 103022 vehicles from January to March this year, of which Buick GL8 accounted for 16790.

Since 2024, the competition in the MPV market has gradually intensified, and the share of Buick GL8 in the domestic MPV market has been gradually subdivided. From January to March this year, cumulative sales in the domestic MPV market totaled 239000 vehicles, down 1.8 per cent from a year earlier, according to retail data from the Federation of passengers. According to this calculation, Buick GL8 accounts for only 7.1 per cent of the domestic MPV market share.

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