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Zhou Hongyi shouted to Jia Yueting every other space: don't just talk about PPT

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Recently, Zhou Hongyi, the founder of Nahu Automobile, expressed his views on the success of Xiaomi SU7 at the spring launch of Najiao Automobile. At the same time, it is pointed out that the success of Xiaomi SU7 is inseparable from China's perfect new energy vehicle industry chain. In addition, Zhou Hongyi also pointed out by name that the reason why FF founder Jia Yueting's car building has not been successful so far is that it is expensive and scarce to go to the United States instead of building cars in China.

Zhou Hongyi's remarks also attracted an empty response from Jia Yueting, the future founder of Faraday. It is true that China now has the strongest supply chain in the world, but only in a globally integrated economy can it generate the greatest value, says Mr Jia. Jia Yueting also said that FF's supply chain is trying to transfer to China and will bring FF91 back to China at the right time.

It is worth mentioning that Jia Yueting also caught up with Zhou Hongyi's recent hot spot of selling cars hoping to experience domestic new energy vehicles, and personally sent a video to recommend his own FF91 to Zhou Hongyi. Jia Yueting said: he is sitting in the back of the FF91, and this car is defined from the back. Our zero-gravity seats and smart back-row Internet systems are absolutely what you need most, both at work and in life. The next time you are in the United States, I hope the FF91 will be your own car. "

Finally, Jia Yueting said: Zhou Hongyi and Zhou Hongyi have known each other for more than a decade. I feel that Zhou Hongyi's values should not be "shouting for thieves". At the same time, said that the transmission to the young striver should not be plagiarism and copycat, I believe that Zhou Hongyi will agree with his own point of view. Only the emergence of a large number of original strivers whose original spirit goes deep into the bone marrow can promote China's AI electric industry to stand on top of the world. In addition, Jia Yueting also said that although FF has delivered only 11 cars since mass production, it has completed the original spire products.

Jia Yueting's response also once again pushed up Zhou Hongyi's comments about FF. Zhou Hongyi also wrote a personal response at that time: boss Jia, don't just talk about ppt, first send a car to the small square of the 360th building and let me try. Last night, Zhou Hongyi posted another video response: if Jia Yueting really wants to build a car, he must come back to China. After all, if the enterprise is rooted in China, it will be possible to grow into a towering tree.

Zhou Hongyi pointed out that China's industrial category is the most complete and complete in the world, and the level of manufacturing is also very high. The biggest reason why FF91 doesn't sell well is that it's too expensive. Returning to the manufacturing supply chain can reduce costs by 70%, so cars may be a little more competitive. In the end, Zhou Hongyi said, without being polite, sending a car is better than anything else.

Zhou Hongyi's video has also attracted a lot of comments from netizens, most of which are about Jia Yueting's return to China next week. In this regard, Jia Yueting also wrote again today: it is my greatest dream to return home as soon as possible. I have already repaid more than US $10 billion in debt.

In fact, about Jia Yueting's view of Xiaomi SU7. As early as April 1, Jia Yueting affirmed that the first release of Xiaomi car was very successful, reflecting the growing maturity of China's new energy vehicle industry chain in recent years and the great advantage of Chinese made-to-price ratio. Xiaomi's execution and marketing ability are indeed worthy of praise. But Jia Yueting also pointed out that copycat culture, shortcut mode and follower thinking are worryingly regarded by many people. Jia Yueting's comments on Xiaomi cars at that time also attracted a lot of comments. Of course, many comments are still inseparable from making fun of Jia Yueting's return to China next week.

Looking back on the car built by Jia Yueting, there were indeed twists and turns. In the past 10 years, only one FF91 has been mass-produced, which is essentially not much different from what Zhou Hongyi called "PPT car-building". In addition, as Zhou Hongyi said, after all, from the positioning and price of the FF91, the price of up to 2 million yuan is not suitable for mass consumption, even if the FF91 has been mass produced, it is very difficult to open the market. From the beginning of FF91 owners, it may be clear that people who become FF91 owners are not ordinary people.

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