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New Power sales list released

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On May 1, the new car-building force released its April sales report as scheduled. According to the ranking of Automotive Industry concern statistics, the new power returned to the ideal car in April, surpassing the question by a gap of more than 3000 vehicles, with the former selling 25787 vehicles a month and the latter selling 25787 vehicles a month.

Xiaomi is the first brand to announce sales. Data show that since the delivery on April 3, Xiaomi has delivered a total of 7058 new cars, with a cumulative lock-up volume of 88063. Lei Jun said Xiaomi is making every effort to expand production capacity and speed up delivery to ensure the delivery of 100000 units this year.

Xiaomi SU7 was officially launched on March 28th, 2024, with a total of three configurations, priced at 215900 yuan for the standard version, 245900 yuan for the Pro version and 299900 yuan for the Max version. The mission of Xiaomi SU7 is very clear, that is to build a Dream Car comparable to Porsche and Tesla, and become the benchmark for pure electric cars. According to Xiaomi APP, the current delivery time is 28-31 weeks for the standard version, 30-33 weeks for the Pro version and 33-36 weeks for the Max version. In other words, it will take at least seven months to pick up the Xiaomi car. In the face of a large number of orders, Xiaomi cars are carrying out capacity climbing to speed up delivery.

The ideal car sells 25787 cars a month and regains the crown of the new power, which may be related to the release of the L6. On April 18, the ideal L6 was officially released on the market, with a total of Pro and Max models, priced at 249800 yuan and 279800 yuan respectively. It is understood that the ideal L6 positioning five-seat medium-sized SUV, its positioning under the ideal L7, focusing on 25-300000 yuan household market, is the first ideal car less than 300000 yuan model. According to official data, the 12-day listing of the ideal L6 has accumulated more than 20,000 yuan.

After the failure of the first all-electric model, the MEGA, ideal has adjusted its annual sales target of 800000 vehicles to 560000-640000, and the ideal MEGA sales guidance has been lowered from 8000 to 2000 per month. Sales of ideal cars have been surpassed for three months in a row since 2024, but fortunately regained the No. 1 title in the market in April.

It is worth mentioning that the new M5 was officially released on April 23, including 249800 for the extended-range Max version, 269800 for the pure electric Max version and 279800 for the extended-range Max RS version, starting at the same price as the ideal L6, or intended to attack the ideal car. In addition, the rights and interests of the new M7 will be adjusted from April 1, and the price will start at 229800 yuan. According to market revelations, sales of AITO in 2024 are expected to be 600000 vehicles. Data show that AITO sales in the first quarter of 2024 were 82447, including 69592 for the M7, 10697 for the M9 and 2158 for the M5.

Let's take a look at other new power companies, Xiaopeng Motor and Xilai remained the same in April. Xiaopeng sold less than 10,000 cars and only delivered cars, of which the X9 delivered 3946. Although Xiaopeng is selling a large number of products, including P7, P5, G6, G9, X9, there are actually no popular models, the highest sales are pure electricity medium and large MPV--X9, while the G6, which was previously expected, has only been popular for half a year, and the newly rejuvenated G9 also failed to meet market expectations. As for Weilai, although it delivered more than ten thousand, but the name "Wei ten thousand" still did not get rid of. In April, Xilai delivered new vehicles, an increase of% year-on-year and% month-on-month.

Zero running car is the fourth new power company to be listed in Hong Kong after ideal Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile and Lulai, delivering new vehicles in April and in the first quarter. On April 29th, Zero reported a net loss of 4.225 billion yuan in 2023, compared with a loss of 5.108 billion yuan in the same period.

For other high-end brands of traditional car companies, the polar krypton market performed relatively well, delivering 16089 vehicles in April, up 99% from a year earlier and up 24% from a month earlier, setting another all-time high. It is understood that as the fifth extreme krypton model, the polar krypton MIX was unveiled at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show and will be launched in the second half of this year. The car is based on the vast-M architecture, and it continues the latest extreme krypton design language, equipped with STARGATE integrated smart lights, and uses a new way to open the door.

China's new power pattern has quietly changed, the former "Wei Xiaoli" has been broken, the ideal car and the world of inquiry are competing for the title of new power, and other new power brands are constantly looking for their own position in the market. Admittedly, the market competition in 2024 will only be fiercer. The competition between brands is not only reflected in the price, but also in the competition of product power, technological innovation and service experience. Of course, for consumers, price reduction can still stimulate the acceptance of new energy vehicles, more choices and better experience is undoubtedly the biggest dividend brought by this competition, the new energy vehicle market will continue to grow.

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