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Yu Chengdong resigned!

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On the afternoon of April 30th, Huawei issued an internal personnel adjustment document, announcing that Yu Chengdong will assume the position of chairman of terminal BG and step down as terminal BU CEO, which will be replaced by he Gang, former chief operating officer of Huawei terminal BG. Prior to that, Yu Chengdong served as chairman of Huawei terminal BG CEO, smart car solution BU, and director of smart terminal and smart car components IRB. Previously, Huawei did not create the position of terminal chairman.

Data show that Yu Chengdong was born in 1969, graduated from Tsinghua University with a master's degree, joined Huawei in 1993, served as 3G product director, vice president of wireless product marketing, president of wireless product line, president of Europe, president of strategy and Marketing, etc. Yu Chengdong has been Huawei terminal BU CEO for 13 years since 2011. Under Yu Chengdong's leadership, Huawei's mobile phone business has grown rapidly, overtaking Apple to become the world's largest mobile phone maker in 2019, but sales have fallen off a cliff due to US sanctions that led to a lack of chips.

It is worth mentioning that the position adjustment may not mean that Yu Chengdong's scope of power has narrowed. It is understood that Yu Chengdong served as chairman of the terminal BU, which means that Yu Chengdong is still the leader of the terminal BU business. In addition, the existence of Huawei's IRB (Investment Review Committee) department is extremely important, and its role is to determine the investment of specific business projects. Yu Chengdong still serves as the director of the smart terminal IRB, indicating that he has the right to make investment decisions in this business.

It is worth mentioning that Yu Chengdong's position was also changed in September 2023, when it was announced that Yu Chengdong would step down as BU CEO of smart car solutions, which would be replaced by Jin Yuzhi, president of Huawei's optical product line, and Yu Chengdong would be promoted to chairman of smart car solutions BU. Industry insiders believe that the adjustment of Yu Chengdong's position, whether it is the outgoing terminal BU CEO or smart car solution BU CEO, is to focus on the automobile business, and the adjustment will increase investment in smart car related areas and further help car BU achieve commercial success.

In May 2019, when Ren Zhengfei issued the organization change document, Huawei formally established the smart car solution BU, which is managed by the ICT management committee and belongs to Huawei's first-tier department. The president is Wang Jun, and the top person is Xu Zhijun. BU, a smart car solution, has three business models: Tier1 (traditional parts supplier model, which supplies intelligent parts to car companies), HI model (Huawei Inside mode) and smart selection mode, according to a Huawei smart driving in-depth interpretation of phone notes.

After the completion of the personnel adjustment, there is an obvious division of labor within the car BU. Yu Chengdong is mainly responsible for Huawei's smart car selection mode, while Jin Yuzhi is responsible for the related release of parts mode and Hi mode (Huawei Inside). It should be noted that the smart car mode belongs to the terminal BU, not the car BU.

On April 30, Huawei Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. disclosed its quarterly report for 2024, with operating income of 178.45 billion yuan, an increase of 36.66% over the same period last year, and net profit of 19.65 billion yuan, an increase of about 564% over the same period last year. Huawei did not disclose the details of each business, and the industry believes that the growth is mainly due to a strong recovery in the terminal business. According to the latest Canalys report, Huawei won the first place in China's smartphone market in the first quarter, with 11.7 million handsets shipped, with a market share of 17%, returning to the first place after 13 quarters of ups and downs.

Over the past three years, under the pressure of Huawei's "no car building", Yu Chengdong has successfully cooperated deeply with Selis, Chery, BAIC, Jianghuai and other car companies to launch four Hongmeng Zhixuan brands. Among them, the question is Hongmeng Zhihang's sales responsibility, with the new M7 sales fire to become a new power leader. At the launch of the new M5, Yu Chengdong said that from this year to April 22, the cumulative sales of the whole department reached 105000, making it the first of the new forces.

With rising sales, the BU and smart car business tend to be profitable. At this year's Electric vehicle 100 people Forum, Yu Chengdong said that due to the influence of the middle and high-end models in cooperation with the mainframe factory, the smart car selection business turned into profit in the first quarter of this year, and the car BU business is close to the edge of break-even. It is expected that from April onwards, it should be able to turn losses into profits.

However, it is also unknown whether other brands can replicate the popularity of the brand, which will also involve more energy of Yu Chengdong. In the new energy vehicles in full swing at the moment, Yu Chengdong concentrate on building cars, open up the territory, this may be his new task, but also the reason for his position adjustment.

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