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The latest sales! Weekly list of ideal car recovery released

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A few weeks later, the weekly list of ideal cars was released. On March 26 this year, ideal stopped releasing weekly sales figures on Tuesdays. It is understood that since April last year, ideal car broke the usual practice of releasing monthly sales in the automobile industry and took the lead in releasing weekly sales data. as a result, the automobile industry entered the degree of weekly sales. In view of the fact that the ideal car stopped releasing the weekly list, the market believes that the change in this behavior may be affected by sales volume. Ideal car sales have declined for three consecutive weeks and have been suppressed by questions. The release of the weekly list of ideal cars has also triggered a large number of netizens' discussion.

According to the list released by ideal Automobile, the top three companies of new energy vehicle brand sales are BYD, Tesla and Wuling in the 18th week of 2024. Among them, BYD continued to top the list with weekly sales of 52600 vehicles, while Tesla and Wuling sold 11000 and 9200 vehicles respectively. Ideal cars and Q & An are not far behind, with sales of 5300 and 4800, respectively.

In addition, Changan, polar krypton, Lulai, Ean and Galaxy are also among the top 10, with weekly sales of 3600 extreme krypton and Yilai. Ean and Galaxy sold 3300 and 3100 cars respectively.

In terms of the new power brand sales list, ideal car and Q & J respectively ranked in the top two places. Among them, the ideal car leads the new power list with weekly sales of 5300, followed by 4800, with a sales gap of 500.

It is worth mentioning that the ideal car has been surpassed since 2024, which brings great pressure on the sales of the ideal car. Data show that from January to April this year, the cumulative sales of ideal cars were 106187, and the 110928 vehicles questioned surpassed. Among them, in April, the ideal car sales were 25787 and the limit was 25086. The ideal car temporarily took the lead and returned to the top of the list. Nowadays, the competition in sales between the ideal car and the question world has entered a white-hot stage, and it remains to be seen who will be more recognized by the market and consumers in the future.

In the "Wei Xiaoli" camp, the three are also gradually opening the gap. In addition to ideal cars, both Ulai and Xiaopeng entered the top 10, with weekly sales of 3600 and 1400 respectively, ranking fourth and eighth respectively.

In addition to the above brands, extreme Krypton and Deep Blue also made it into the top five, with sales of 3600 and 2300 respectively. Zero running cars, Tengli cars, Xiaopeng cars, Xiaomi cars and Lantu cars all entered the top 10, with weekly sales of 2300, 1600, 1400, 1300 and 1000 respectively. Judging from the overall list, Xiaomi is the most outstanding car. As a new car, weekly sales of 1300 cars also show that the market has a relatively high degree of recognition.

Xiaomi SU7, the first model of Xiaomi car, went on sale on March 28th. It has launched three models: standard version, Pro version and Max version, with a price range of 215900 yuan to 299900 yuan. Dual-motor version and single-motor version are available in power. Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, said that Xiaomi aims to deliver 100000 vehicles this year, and Xiaomi is making every effort to expand production capacity and speed up delivery to ensure that 100000 units are delivered this year.

In terms of luxury brand sales, Tesla continued to top the list with weekly sales of 11000 vehicles, followed by Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, with sales of 10500, 9900 and 9200 respectively. In addition, ideal cars entered the top five, making it the highest-ranked Chinese luxury brand on the list.

Generally speaking, in the luxury car market of more than 300000 yuan, including traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles, the ideal car has steadily ranked in the top five, and it is getting closer and closer to BBA, becoming one of the biggest dark horses in Chinese car companies, but with the intensification of market competition, it will take more time to verify whether the ideal car can become the first luxury brand in China.

In the list, in addition to the top five, Shijie, Polar Krypton, Weilai, Volvo and Lexus also entered the top 10, with sales of 4800, 3600, 3600, 3200 and 2400 respectively.

2024 is defined as a critical period for car companies to sweep the sand, and it is also a key year for new energy car companies to gain a firm foothold. The competitive environment among car enterprises is bound to enter a more internal situation. What innovation will take place in the car market at that time? let's wait and see.

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