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The price plummeted! BMW's large SUV cut by 178000

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On May 9, BMW officially announced that it would adjust the retail price of BMW's XM 50e model from 1.468 million yuan to 1.29 million yuan, a drop of 178000 yuan. At the same time, BMW also provides compensation for the price difference for old car owners. For customers who buy BMW XM 50e models before the official reduction, BMW dealers will compensate them according to the difference between the invoice amount and the latest suggested retail price (excluding optional configuration, the specific compensation plan is subject to in-store contact). However, the price reduction is only for the BMW XM 50e model, while the price of the rest of the XM model remains unchanged. The current BMW XM price range is 129.00-2.8 million yuan.

It is understood that the BMW XM, independently developed by BMW's M department, is the second independent model in the M series and the first M hybrid drive system model. On December 15th of the same year, BMW Group announced that the innovative BMW XM will be officially listed in China with a price range of 2.3 million yuan. The M hybrid drive system is composed of a 4.4 liter V8 twin turbocharged engine and a high performance motor, with an integrated maximum output power of 480kW and a comprehensive peak torque of 800Nm. After its launch, the car mainly competes with Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG, Audi RS Q8, Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT and other models in the car market.

The BMW XM 50e is the entry model of the XM series, which was listed in China in August 2023. In terms of appearance, the BMW XM 50e uses BMW's huge "double kidney" grille design, the interior is decorated with a horizontal structure, the visual effect is very eye-catching, both sides are equipped with split LED headlights, the top is composed of two light belts of LED daytime driving lights, and the bottom is the "hidden" design when the LED far and near light source group is off, the overall movement attribute is full.

On the side of the body, the BMW XM 50e presents a tall and tough visual feel, and uses 23-inch M light alloy rims to further enhance the sports properties. In terms of size, BMW XM length, width and height are 5110/2005/1755mm, wheelbase is 3105mm, positioning large SUV. The wheelbase of the car is the same as that of the BMW X7, but the XM is a five-seat model with more space than the X7. In the rear part, the rear part of the new car is equipped with a slender independent taillight group, and a spoiler and high brake lights are added above the rear windshield. A large area smoked sports kit is used to surround the bottom, and the exhaust adopts a vertical bilateral four-outlet exhaust layout.

For the interior, BMW XM offers brown / black leather, suede, carbon fiber and metal trim panels, physical buttons in the air-conditioned area are greatly simplified, and the car is equipped with a double screen and Drive8 system.

In terms of power, the BMW XM 50e is equipped with an M hybrid drive system consisting of a 3.0L in-line six-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine and a high-performance motor, with a comprehensive output power of 350kW/476 horsepower, a peak torque of 700Nm and a zero acceleration time of 5.1s.

The official reduction of 178000 yuan can be said to be a very big drop, but unfortunately, as a model with a price of nearly 1 million yuan, it is not suitable for the mass consumer market, so even if the price is reduced by nearly 180000 yuan, it will be difficult for consumers to buy it.

It is worth mentioning that in April this year, media reported that the limited edition BMW XM Label Red model on sale in China would be discontinued. Like the BMW XM 50e, it went on sale at the Chengdu Auto Show in 2023 at a price of 2.8 million yuan. It is currently the most expensive SUV model in the BMW family. The power is equipped with an upgraded 4.4T V8 turbocharged engine + hybrid system, with a maximum power of 748hp and a maximum torque of 1000 Nm. Match 8-speed manual self-integrated transmission and xDrive full-time all-wheel drive system.

It is also reported that from the production month of this year, BMW Group will have a special version of the BMW XM in China to be put into production, positioning the high-performance model, but the information about the car in the market is still very limited, and more information needs to be released by the authorities.

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