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BYD Sea Lion goes public

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On May 10, BYD's new medium-sized SUV-- Sea Lion 07 EV officially launched four new models with a price range of 10,000 yuan. According to previous reports, BYD Sea Lion 07 EV locates medium-sized pure electric SUV, which is based on BYD e platform 3.0. the new car will have L2 + high-level intelligent driving, and it will also be the first model in BYD's ocean net series to be equipped with "Eye of God" high-level intelligent driving.

In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car continues the Ocean X concept car design, using the iconic C-shaped daily running lights, and the two rib lines on the front cabin cover enhance the vehicle's sense of power, together with the sharp shape of the headlamp group and the exaggerated three-stage air intake below, showing a strong three-dimensional sense.

On the side of the body, the sea lion 07 EV adopts a slip-back design, and the graceful and smooth curve of the roof extends to the rear, the visual effect is outstanding. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4830/1925/1620mm and the wheelbase is 2930mm. The rear part of the car, the sea lion 07 EV echoes with the front, the through-type taillights are high in the middle and low on both sides, and it is also a family-style design of the ocean net. it is also equipped with a new style of luminous Logo, with a spoiler at the top of the rear and a diffuser design, showing a strong sense of movement as a whole.

In terms of interior decoration, Haishi 07 EV center console adopts through-type black trim panel, suspension central control screen size is 15.6in, equipped with DiLink 100th car machine system, providing four-tone area voice recognition, AR-HUD head-up display and other functions. The new car uses a flat-bottomed four-spoke steering wheel, and the buttons are integrated with common functions such as starting, emergency warning lights, automatic parking, air conditioning and so on.

In terms of intelligent configuration, Sea Lion 07 EV is equipped with intelligent cockpit advanced version DiLink 100and Divine Eye advanced intelligent driving assistance system-DiPilot 100. it has many driving functions such as lane maintenance, lane navigation, dial pole change, traffic sign recognition, intelligent speed limit and so on. In the process of driving, if the vehicle distance is close and does not have the condition of lane change, the system will actively accelerate and decelerate under the premise of ensuring safety, and then initiate lane change actively after increasing the safe distance. In addition, when there is lateral congestion, Sea Lion 07EV will intelligently choose the appropriate lane change time according to the actual road lines, road congestion and other conditions, and take the initiative to maintain a safe distance from the side cars to further enhance the smart driving experience.

Haishi 07 EV adopts CTB vehicle safety architecture, front double-arm and rear five-link independent suspension, which will provide three forms of power. 550km model is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power 170kW and peak torque 380Nm. 610km model is equipped with PMSM with maximum power 230kW and peak torque 380Nm. The 550 km four-wheel drive model has a maximum power of 160 kilowatts and a peak torque of 310 Nm. The system has a comprehensive power of 390 kW and a comprehensive torque of 690 Nm. In addition, the four-wheel drive model will also be equipped with Yunfu-C intelligent damping body control system and iTAC intelligent torque control system.

As BYD's pure electric medium-sized SUV, Haishi 07 EV has been upgraded in terms of power and intelligence compared with other previous ocean net models, which may be somewhat attractive, while its main competitor is Tesla Model Y. In 2023, Tesla Model Y is the best-selling model in China and the best-selling pure electric car, with a total sales of 100300 vehicles in the first quarter, second only to BYD Qin PLUS. So, can Sea Lion 07EV arm wrestle with Tesla Model Y?

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