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General Motors changed coach in China!

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Julian Blissett, president of GM China, will retire, and Steve Hill, current vice president of global business operations, will become GM's senior vice president and president of GM China from June 1, according to a notice issued by GM on May 7.

According to the data, Julian Blissett started his post at GM in 1996 and became the executive deputy general manager of SAIC GM after coming to China in 2006, which helped SAIC GM expand its business scope, expand its dealer network and implement its diversified electrification strategy. In March 2010, Julian Blissett became the executive director of manufacturing engineering in GM's international operations. In December 2011, Julian Blissett served as Vice President of New Business Development and alliances in International Operations, responsible for the growth of GM strategic alliances and relationships with other partners, and was responsible for developing new businesses in the international market. In April 2019, he served as Senior Vice President of General Motors International Operations, managing GM's operations in North and South America and other overseas markets outside China. On April 1, 2020, GM China announced that Julian Blissett would succeed Matt Tsien as GM's China president, managing all GM operations in the Chinese market.

The Chinese market is GM's main source of profit and the largest sales market. GM made remarkable sales achievements in China from 2010 to 2023. According to the data, GM sold about 2.1 million vehicles retail in China in 2023, accounting for about 1% of its global sales, of which more than 1/4 are new energy models.

GM has two joint ventures in the Chinese market, SAIC GM and SAIC GM Wuling. According to the financial report, SAIC GM owns three major brands: Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac, with a net profit of 2.542 billion yuan in 2023. SAIC GM Wuling owns two major brands Wuling and Baojun, with a net profit of 931 million yuan in 2023.

It is worth mentioning that this year coincides with the year of GM's products in the new energy sector, including Cadillac OPTIQ, Chevrolet explorer Plus, Buick GL8 Luzun PHEV and other new models unveiled at the Beijing auto show not long ago. In the import business, Tahoe Taihao, the first model introduced to China by Douglas, its high-end imported car and lifestyle platform, has officially started booking. Zhuang Jingxiong, general manager of SAIC GM, said at Buick Brand Day on April 24: "the only thing that can surpass GL8 is green card GL8." SAIC GM, which has further expanded its capacity in the hybrid market product matrix, will also have a more predictable future.

Bai Li, executive vice president of GM and president of GM China, said at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, "in the past two years, the competition in the Chinese auto market is not only the fiercest I have experienced in 18 years in China." it's also the fiercest I've seen in the global auto industry. " In his view, the Beijing Auto Show, as one of the largest auto brand shows in China, is a stage for GM to show its strength.

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