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Can driving prolong your life? A statement from a car company

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On May 11, Skyworth issued a statement saying that the founder of Skyworth Automobile said that Skyworth Automobile could cure diseases and prolong life. The online message was taken out of context, maliciously cobbled together, and seriously misled the public.

Skyworth Motors said that Skyworth's original Health 3.0 system, which supports technologies such as active health monitoring and active sleep promotion, does have the functions of real-time evaluation of vital signs and improving sleep quality. the company's external publicity on health technology has no expressions such as "cure" or "prolong life". As for Huang Hongsheng's sharing, it is based on his personal experience to explain the positive effects of Skyworth, especially Health 3.0, on his personal health, but he has never indicated that his personal experience is universal.

The controversial comments took place not long ago at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show.

"Skyworth cars can relieve high blood pressure, improve immunity and eliminate habitual diarrhea," said Huang Hongsheng, founder of Skyworth Motor, at the Skyworth Auto Show in Beijing on April 26. " Huang Hongsheng claimed that he had suffered from severe typhoid fever and contracted acute respiratory pneumonia. By going to the car for a nap every day for the past decade, his high blood pressure recovered from more than 180 to normal without taking medicine.

According to pictures posted online, PPT behind Huang Hongsheng wrote: from the manufacturing group that started businesses together in the 1980s, more than 60% of them have left the world, which is far more frightening than dying. Fortunately, I am in remission of high blood pressure, improvement of respiratory diseases and elimination of habitual diarrhea. So my perception is that deep sleep. Take half an hour off in the morning in Skyworth every day, and you can cope with all kinds of busy meeting activities in the afternoon and evening. In the past 13 years, I have adjusted my sub-health by making an electric car.

Such remarks soon sparked a heated debate in the market, with some saying that it was grandstanding, while others thought there was nothing wrong with sharing personal experiences, but it was still quite misleading. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Huang Hongsheng has made an amazing statement. As early as at Skyworth Spring Technology Ecology Conference in 2023, Huang Hongsheng said, "the life of Skyworth has been extended by 30 years, so that every car owner can enjoy a 100-year-old life."since driving Skyworth electric car, I have recovered from high blood pressure, diabetes and other problems."

On Skyworth Automobile's official website, it positioned Skyworth EV6 as a healthy intelligent pure electric SUV, and marked that the car has active sleep promotion technology, which can improve sub-health; its intelligent awakening deep sleep mode, actively promote deep sleep state, and can scientifically and accurately measure deep sleep quality. In addition, it can also real-time monitor life and health indicators (blood pressure, heart rate, etc.), "always early warning, protect health, centenarian life." However, the selling point of health did not cause Skyworth EV6 to stir up too much of the market splash. Data show that Skyworth EV6 sold 9425 vehicles in 2023 and 1374 from January to April this year.

In recent years, the electrification transformation of traditional car companies has also come fiercely. Under the background of other car companies' crazy volume of intelligence and technology, Skyworth has turned its attention to health, but facts have proved that not many consumers are willing to pay for it. In addition, in terms of security, Skyworth EV6's performance is not very satisfactory. In the collision test of China Automotive Research C-NCAP, Skyworth EV6 scored 38.45,61.46 and 30.26 for occupant protection, pedestrian protection and active safety assessment respectively. According to the score rate of each part multiplied by their respective weight coefficients, the final comprehensive score rate of Skyworth EV6 is 39.9%, with only an one-star rating. The score of Chuangzhong Auto Research C-NCAP historical evaluation model is a new low, and its safety is comparable to that of the elderly scooter.

However, Huang Hongsheng is not worried about Skyworth's future. Huang Hongsheng revealed in an interview with the media that Skyworth aims to sell 50,000 vehicles in 2024. Huang Hongsheng also said that although Skyworth does not make money, it is one of the companies with the smallest losses in Skyworth Group. He hopes to be able to run for a long time, "not necessarily winning the championship, but running to the end."

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