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From 229900 yuan! The new Ankewei Plus is on the market.

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On June 7, SAIC General Motors Buick officially announced that the new Buick Ankowei Plus has officially launched three new models with a price range of 22.99-259900 yuan. Although it is officially named a brand-new generation model, it is actually only a medium-term modification, which is replaced with the latest design of the Buick family, all with a 2.0T engine.

As a modified model, the new Oncoway Plus mainly adjusts the appearance details, the front face uses a new trapezoidal mouth front grille, the entire front face has an X-shaped layout, which is unified with the latest family designs such as the Oncoway S. The LED adaptive matrix headlamp adopts a split design, with 8 lighting modes and a new light show, which can intelligently distribute the light source when turning and meeting in front, which not only enhances the feeling of daily use, but also enhances the sense of refinement of the vehicle. At the same time, the new Oncoway Plus is replaced with the Buick brand's latest styling logo, and the installation position is also transferred from the inside of the grille to the upper part of the front grille.

On the side of the body, the new Onkway Plus basically continues the shape of the cash model, and the back row also uses privacy glass, coupled with multi-spoke rims, which looks like a steady and luxurious route as a whole. In terms of size, the length / width / height of the new car is 4822/1883/1695mm, the wheelbase 2833mm, the length of the car is less 22mm than the current model, and the rest remains the same. In the rear part, the new car is replaced with the current popular through taillight group, which is integrated with chrome trimmings, and the taillight groups on both sides are flatter than the cash as a whole, and the shape of the rear door license plate frame area is adjusted compared to the cash, and the whole looks more stable. at the same time, it also has the function of kicking open the trunk. In addition, the new car will use the Buick family's brand new tail logo, which will be adjusted from "652T" to "28T".

In terms of interior decoration, the new Oncoway Plus has a large upgrade compared with the current model, with a standard 30-inch curved screen, a brand-new three-frame steering wheel and a shift mechanism with a shift. due to the use of an electronic shift handle, there is storage space under the T-control area, and the panoramic skylight also appears in the car. In other configurations, the new Onkway Plus offers eConnect cockpit, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, Apple CarPlay wireless connection, head-up display, wireless phone charging, electric tailgate, panoramic skylight, BOSE audio, L2 level driving assistance system, 360-degree panoramic image, rimless streaming rearview mirror, OTA remote upgrade and other configurations.

In terms of power, the new Onkway Plus is equipped with a 2.0T Ecotec variable cylinder engine (28T) with a maximum power of 237hp and a peak torque of 350Nm.

It is worth mentioning that with the launch of the new Anke Wei Plus, the Anke Wei S has made an official reduction, the latest price is 19.69-222900 yuan, the previous price range is 21.49-234900 yuan, the low-and sub-low-configuration models are reduced by 18000 yuan, and the high-end models are reduced by 17000 yuan. It is understood that the Anke Wei S official downgrade has not been adjusted in the configuration, and the price adjustment is also to match the new Anke Wei Plus, the two cars will cover the market of 19-260000 yuan to meet the more diversified needs of users.

The Buick Onkway family includes the Unkway S and the Ankowei Plus, which are different in size. The Unkway S has an 2779mm wheelbase and an 2833mm Plus, but both models are medium-sized SUV, which mainly compete with Volkswagen L and Toyota Hanlanda in the medium-sized SUV market. Combined with sales data, from January to April 2024, Volkswagen Tuguan L sold 46600 vehicles, Volkswagen Exploration Mountain 40000, Toyota Hanlanda 22300, and Oncoway 19600, which lagged far behind Tuguan L and Hanlanda. However, with the price adjustment of the Anke Wei S and the launch of the new Anke Wei Plus, sales of the Anke Wei family are expected to pick up.

At this stage, the new generation of Tuguan L PRO has been listed, and the guiding price range is 23.68-266800 yuan. As a replacement model, the new generation of Tuguan L PRO offers two appearance styles and will adopt the same sales strategy as the cash Tuguan L. in the future, the car will also be the main competitor to the new OnKewei Plus.

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