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Retail sales of passenger cars in April 2024 were 1.532 million, down 5.7% from a year earlier and 9.4% from a month earlier, according to data from the Federation of passengers on May 11. Of these, the retail sales of new energy passenger vehicles were 674000, up 28.3 percent from the same period last year, down 5.7 percent from the previous month. The domestic retail penetration rate of new energy vehicles reached 43.7 percent, up 11.7 percent from the same period last year.

Judging from the retail sales list of new energy manufacturers in April, the top 10 car companies in the list are BYD, Geely Automobile, Changan Automobile, SAIC General Motors Wuling, Tesla China, Guangzhou Automobile Ean, ideal Automobile, Selis Automobile, Chery Automobile and Great Wall Automobile. In the list, Selis increased significantly in April from a year earlier, up 725.7% from a year earlier, while three car companies, including SAIC GM Wuling, Tesla China and Guangzhou Automobile Ean, all showed varying degrees of decline.

Specifically, the most obvious year-on-year decline in April was Guangzhou Automobile Ean, which fell 36.3 per cent year-on-year to 26109 vehicles, extending the time to the previous April, with a double-digit decline of 23.6 per cent to 91121 vehicles, with a market share of 3.7 per cent.

Tesla's April sales in China were 31421, down 21.4% from a year earlier, of which 26356 were Model Y, accounting for 83.88% of total sales. The Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X models are on sale on April 21, according to Tesla's official website. Among them, Model 3 starts at 231900 yuan, Model Y starts at 290900 yuan, Model S starts at 684900 yuan, Model X starts at 724900 yuan, and a total of nine versions of the above four models are reduced by 14000 yuan, which only involves price adjustment. Judging from the sales data, the price reduction did not bring sales growth to Tesla China.

Tesla's cumulative sales in China from January to April this year were 163841, down 7.6 per cent from the same period last year. Industry insiders believe that under the pressure of Tesla's sales in China, the fully autopilot system FSD may become the key to turning the situation around.

SAIC GM Wuling sold 32003 vehicles in April, down 5.6 per cent from a year earlier, while cumulative sales in the first four months of this year were 137084, up 22.8 per cent from a year earlier. It is true that sales have increased significantly since SAIC GM Wuling launched Wuling colorful fruit in March 2023, but it is clear that SAIC GM Wuling's growth cannot be fully supported by Wuling colorful fruit and Hongguang MINIEV models alone.

Judging from the overall list, BYD is firmly at the top of both the monthly list and the cumulative sales in the first four months of 2024. According to the data, BYD's sales rose 31.1% to 254131 vehicles in April from a year earlier, with cumulative sales of 840137 vehicles in the first four months, up 19.6% from a year earlier, with a market share of 34.3%. As the leader of domestic new energy car companies, BYD will achieve its sales target of 3.6 million vehicles by the end of this year.

But in terms of growth momentum, BYD's growth lags far behind that of Selis, which rose 725.7 per cent in April from a year earlier to 25075, ranking eighth on the list. Cumulative sales from January to April were 107522, up 626.2 per cent from a year earlier. Of course, the growth of Selis car sales is inseparable from the core brand-AITO question. Official figures show that 25086 new cars were delivered in April.

So far, the models sold by AITO include the M5, M7 and M9. Among them, the new M5 was launched on April 23, with a total of three models, including the extended-range Max version (rear drive) priced at 249800, the pure electric Max version (rear drive) priced at 269800, and the extended-range Max RS version (all-wheel drive) priced at 279800. Compared with the old model, the price of the new car with extended range version has been reduced by 20,000 yuan. As the first mass-produced model in AITO, the price of the new M5 is the same as the starting price of the new M7, starting at 249800 yuan, but the size of the new M7 is larger, although it belongs to the same brand, but the new M5 is equivalent to competing with the new M7, which will also affect the market performance of the new M7. As for whether the new M5 can counter the new M7, it is still difficult.

Ideal car ranked seventh on the list, ahead of Cyrus, with sales of 25787 vehicles in April, up only 0.4% from a year earlier, while cumulative sales in the first four months were 106187, up 35.7% from a year earlier. Ideal car is the only brand on the list in the Wei Xiaoli camp. According to the data, 15620 cars were delivered in April, an increase of 134.6 percent over the same period last year, while Xiaopeng delivered 9393 vehicles, an increase of 32.69 percent over the same period last year.

On April 22nd, ideal Automobile Guan Xuan reduced the prices of all its L7, L8, L9 and MEGA models, of which the L series reduced the price by 1.8 to 20000 yuan, and the MEGA reduced by 30000 yuan. at the same time, it will provide cash feedback to owners who have proposed 2024 ideal L7, ideal L8, ideal L9 and ideal MEGA. Whether price cuts can boost sales of ideal cars will soon be the answer.

In addition to the above-mentioned car companies, Chery sold 22640 vehicles in April, up 173.4% from a year earlier, second only to Selis and ranked ninth on the list. In addition, including Geely Motor, Changan Automobile and Great Wall Motor, there were also good increases, among which Geely Motor and Changan Automobile ranked second and third on the list, with sales of 49155 and 40507 vehicles respectively, up 76.3% and 119.0% respectively over the same period last year. Great Wall Motor rose 48.2% year-on-year to 20352 vehicles, ranking last on the list.

The retail share of mainstream independent brands of new energy vehicles in April was 64%, up 2.0% from a year earlier, and the penetration rate of new energy vehicles was 66.8%, while the share of joint venture brand new energy vehicles was 4.3%, down 0.8% from a year earlier, and the penetration rate of new energy vehicles was only 7.5%, according to the joint venture data. Admittedly, the mainstream independent brands have achieved a counterattack on the new energy vehicle track, while the joint venture brands are still struggling to survive in the field of new energy vehicles. It is worth mentioning that this year is the key year for new energy vehicle companies to gain a firm foothold, the competition is destined to be very fierce, as the price war continues to spread, the follow-up competition of new energy vehicle companies will only be more fierce.

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