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Nashi S is on fire! Official response

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On the evening of May 13, Nashi issued an official statement on the fire accident of a Nezha S in Tianjin on May 11. Nashi car said that the accident did not cause any casualties, firefighters have put out the fire.

According to live video circulated on social media, a Nezha S spontaneously ignited at around 12:00 on May 11 in a residential area in Tianjin. The scene in the surveillance video shows that the fire at the scene burned violently and produced a lot of black smoke, which quickly spread to the whole vehicle, and eventually the whole car was engulfed by flames. Fortunately, the accident caused no casualties. In addition, the fire spread to other vehicles nearby, causing other models to suffer varying degrees of damage.

With regard to the above accident, Nahu Automobile official said that Nahu Automobile attached great importance to it and immediately arranged for relevant staff to rush to the scene to understand the relevant situation, assist users to deal with the follow-up work, and cooperate with relevant departments to investigate the cause. And pointed out in the statement: 1, through the access to community surveillance video, the fire first smoke from the direction of the cab, and then form an open fire spread to the roof. 2. According to the analysis of Nahu vehicle data monitoring platform, after the fire event, until the data is interrupted, the power battery voltage signal, temperature signal and insulation signal of the vehicle are all normal, and the battery package is in a safe and controlled state. there is no abnormal situation in the low voltage circuit of the whole vehicle. On May 13, the relevant technical personnel of Nashi automobile arrived at the scene and carried out a preliminary verification of the vehicle. The battery pack was intact and in a controlled state. 3. The specific cause of the accident will be further investigated by the relevant departments, and the car will actively cooperate and assist users in dealing with follow-up matters, fully protect their rights and interests, and do a good job in dealing with the aftermath.

Nezhong Automobile, a brand of Hezhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., was founded in 2014. Up to now, the car models on sale include which car U, which car V, which car S and which car GT. Among them, the Naxi S is the first medium-to-high-end car under Nahan Automobile, positioning medium and large cars, which went on sale in July 2023 and currently sells for 15.48-224800 yuan. In July 2023, the 2024 Negro S was officially put on the market. As a modified model, the new car continued the original size and internal and external design, and adjusted the model version and specific configuration. Compared with the old model, the new model only offers six models. At the same time, the entry price of the new model is also 30, 000 yuan lower than that of the old model, and the overall price range is 159800-269800 yuan. Among them, the price of the extended range version is 15.98-189800 yuan, and that of the pure electric version is 22.98-269800 yuan. In terms of power, the new car provides a total of pure electric version and extended-range version of two models, of which the extended-range version newly added the 200km model, the extended-range model uses a rear-mounted single motor, while the pure electric model still provides rear-drive and four-wheel drive models, and the 0-100km/h acceleration of the four-wheel drive version can reach 3.9s for consumers with different needs.

As the first mid-to-high-end model of Nezha Automobile, Nezha S does not have a strong sense of existence in the auto market. Retail data show that from January to April this year, the cumulative sales of Nashi cars was 18996, of which Nashi S was 5413, with an average of less than 1500 per month.

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