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Ledao car is released! The first car is pre-sold from 219900.

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At 07:30 on the evening of May 15, Ledao Automobile, a brand new brand of Xilai, was officially launched. At the press conference, Ledao President Ai Tiecheng announced that the pre-price of the first Ledao L60 is 219900 yuan, which is 30, 000 yuan cheaper than Tesla Model Y. the new car will go on sale in September.

Ledao Automobile is a Quanxinzi brand of Ledao Motors, whose name means "happy family and good housekeeping". It is called "ONVO" in English. At the scene of the press conference, Li Bin explained the Logo and brand vision of Ledao brand in detail. Ledao locates the home market, and the brand Logo icon is an upward road, implying that family days are all the way up. Li Bin said that the Ledao brand wants to redefine the new standard for family cars, and the Ledao L60, the first model of Lodao, will be marked with Tesla Model Y after its launch.

According to the actual car map of the press conference, the Ledao L60 front face adopts a concise design style, a closed grille with a split headlight group design, a "L"-shaped daily light, and a horizontal layout of far and near lights, which is quite recognizable as a whole. In addition, a narrow trapezoidal air inlet is used under the Ledao L60, which is matched with the bulging tendons of the front hatch to further add a sense of movement to the vehicle.

On the side of the body, the Ledao L60 uses a short front and rear suspension design, the wheel eyebrow and side guard are equipped with black strips, the front wing is equipped with a side-facing camera, and the roof is in a slippery back shape and carries two iconic high-pixel cameras, but it is not equipped with lidar. In addition, the Ledao L60 is equipped with hidden door handles, rimless outer rearview mirrors, and the charging port is located on the left rear wing, which makes the vehicle look quite dynamic.

In terms of size, Ledao L60's length, width and height are 4828/1930/1616mm, wheelbase 2950mm, positioning medium-sized pure electric SUV, longer, wider and more spacious than Model Y. As a reference, the length, width and height of Tesla Model Y are 4750/1921/1624mm and the wheelbase is 2890mm.

In the rear part, the Ledao L60 uses a similar sedan SUV styling design, but the taillights do not use the Weilai brand model penetrating taillights, but adopt a sharp and slender split design, which echoes with the daily running lights of the front, and the central Ledao brand LOGO is embellished with the letter "N". The car also uses a hatchback rear door and a duckling tail design, the lower part of the enclosure is slightly raised and provides bright black decorations, making the tail shape more straight and more fashionable.

In the interior part, the Ledao L60 uses a light color match and provides an orange seat belt. The car has three screens, of which the central control screen is 17.2in, which is much larger than the Model Y.

In terms of power, the Ledao L60 is based on a 900V high-voltage silicon carbide platform. The power station provides three kinds of battery packs, including the standard battery life 555km, the battery life 730km, and the super battery life beyond the 1000km. In addition, the wind resistance coefficient of the new car is 0.229. Ai Tiecheng, president of Lodao Motors, called the Lodao L60 the lowest mass production SUV in the world.

For NIO, its models have previously focused on more than 300000 of the market, while Ledao is different from the high-end positioning of the Ledao brand, which also means that Ledao began to develop downwards. As a new brand, Ledao Motors will undertake the important task of boosting the sales and market share of Weilai cars. It should be noted that the Ledao L60 is aimed at the household market of 200000-300000 yuan. At present, the competition in this market segment continues to heat up, and it is also the most serious market for new energy vehicles. Admittedly, it is not easy for Ledao to gain a foothold in the highly competitive home market.

At the 2023 performance meeting, Ledao CEO Li Bin said that Ledao L60, the first model of Ledao, will directly bid Tesla Model Y, and its cost will be 10% lower than that of Tesla Model Y. however, as a new model, Ledao L60 will face fierce competition after its launch, including Tesla Model Y, Teng Teng N7, Ford Electric Horse and other models. It remains to be seen whether Xilai can borrow the Ledao brand to create surprises in this market segment.

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