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deal! Zhou Hongyi, chairman of 360, picked up the first new energy car

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Recently, Zhou Hongyi, chairman of the "Master in Red" 360 Group, sold Maybach 600 to buy domestic new energy vehicles, which became popular in the auto circle.

Since Zhou Hongyi announced the sale of cars on April 18, many car companies have lined up to deliver their vehicles to the downstairs of 360 Company. This operation has also led many people in the industry to say that the parking lot of the 360 headquarters building is very much like holding a small auto show, and many of the vehicles sent are still popular models at the moment, such as Xiaopeng X9, M9, Avita 12, U8 and so on.

In the face of models sent by more than 20 independent-brand car companies, many netizens also wonder which models will be in the eyes of Zhou Hongyi. In the end, Zhou Hongyi chose to look up to the U8, Dongfeng Warriors 917, M9 and extreme Krypton 009 brilliant models. It is worth mentioning that the car invested by Zhou Hongyi himself was not selected by it. According to Zhou Hongyi revealed earlier, he will buy seven domestic new energy vehicles. As for the purchase of domestic new energy vehicles, Zhou Hongyi said that this is not only a simple car purchase decision, but also a thoughtful investment in the future.

On May 24, Polar Krypton held a glorious delivery ceremony for Polar Krypton 009. Zhou Hongyi, as the first batch of car owners, came to the scene. According to network news, Zhou Hongyi also specially chartered the next Taiwan stream G550 business plane to pick up the car. At the scene, extreme krypton intelligent technology CEO an Conghui personally delivered extreme krypton 009 brilliance to him. Speaking at the scene, Zhou Hongyi said: "this is the first time in my life to buy a new energy car. It turns out that the driver has come to pick up the car. This is the first time I have come to pick up the car myself, and it is also the first time that I have touched the car keys."

As to why he chose the extreme Krypton 009 brilliant version, Zhou Hongyi responded that the front configuration of the vehicle is not important, he values the performance of the vehicle in terms of space, comfort, safety and privacy, and the extreme Krypton 009 brilliant version meets his needs in these areas.

In fact, with regard to Zhou Hongyi's car selection requirements, he had earlier posted a video saying that he would not drive and would only choose and buy vehicles from the perspective of riders. The requirements for the selection of vehicles are that the comfort and sense of space in the back row are strong enough, the second is the active and passive safety configuration is in place, the third is the intelligent cockpit closer to the artificial intelligence assistant, the fourth is the need for partition between the front row and the back row, and pay attention to the privacy of the back row. The last point must be a domestic brand.

Data show that: polar krypton 009 brilliant version on April 19, positioning medium and large MPV, the price is 789000 yuan. As a four-seat version of the polar krypton 009, the polar krypton 009 brilliant version is mainly a luxury upgrade to the interior of the vehicle, abolishing the third row of seats and adopting a large four-seat layout. The rear row is equipped with a separate ultra-deluxe double cockpit to support the lying mode. At the same time, it is equipped with electric adjustment, heating, ventilation, massage and other functions to provide passengers with a comfortable cockpit experience. In addition, the car is equipped with a 43-inch cloud wisdom screen, a cold and hot refrigerator and a 31-speaker Yamaha advanced sound system, making the car luxurious.

The polar krypton 009 brilliant version is based on the 800V platform architecture and is equipped with front and rear double motors + four-wheel drive, in which the maximum power of the front motor is 270kW, the maximum power of the rear motor is 310kW, the comprehensive power is 580kW, the maximum torque is 810N ·m, the zero acceleration is 3.9s, and the maximum speed is 230km/h. In terms of batteries, the range of the CLTC under comprehensive operating conditions can reach 702km.

According to official plans, polar krypton will sell no less than 650000 vehicles a year in 2025. For reference, polar krypton sold 119000 vehicles in 2023. Achieving the sales target of 650000 vehicles means doubling sales in 2023, which will not be easy if polar krypton does not have a popular model. Of course, the introduction of high-priced models by polar krypton can improve the profits of vehicles, but it is easy to go from top to bottom, and it may be difficult to go from bottom to top. The data show that the latest sales of polar krypton 009 in March were 488, and the cumulative sales from January to March were 1424.

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