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Extreme krypton 001 internal car door can not open, official response

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In response to the incident that "the owner of Jikrypton 001 was trapped in the car and could not open the door for 10 minutes," on May 27, the official Weibo account of Jikrypton Service responded. Officials said that after investigation, the user encountered a situation where he could not open the door from the inside of the car after the electronic lock was unlocked on May 24. After the vehicle arrived at the store, the official inspection of Krypton found that the mechanical unlocking function in the car was normal.

Here's the thing. On May 24, the owner of a Krypton 001 in Hefei, Anhui Province said that he found that the doors of the vehicle could not be unlocked on the way home. After unlocking them downstairs, all the doors could not be opened. In the end, his family could only pass through the door that opened outside. The car owner said: "The door showed open, but there was only one crack. Later, the family opened it from the outside before going out. They were trapped in the car for ten minutes. "After discovering that the vehicle could not be unlocked, the owner said that he called Jikrypton to report after sales, but the other party informed that the vehicle did not report a fault code and the background data showed normal, so he could not give an accurate answer to the cause of the fault. In this regard, Jikrypton customer service staff said: "Currently, the staff is following up on this matter. The reason must be answered by the after-sales service. Headquarters staff can be sent to intervene to assist in handling it. "In addition, the owner also pointed out that a similar situation had occurred before. At that time, the door could not be opened externally, so he felt that there was a safety hazard.

In this response, the official Krypton explained: "In order to completely eliminate hidden dangers, it is necessary to further check the electronic unlocking function, but the user did not accept the disassembly inspection, so the truth of the matter cannot be accurately confirmed. In addition to electronic unlocking, the Krypton 001 vehicle is also designed with a mechanical unlocking function. As long as the inner handle of the door is pulled to the end and the door is pushed synchronously, the mechanical unlocking can be triggered to open the door. Whether it is an electric automatic door or a manual door, the inner mechanical handle can be pulled to the end. You can open the door. At present, the official Krypton government has arranged technicians to go to the user's location and will try its best to communicate with the user and solve the user's vehicle problems. "At the same time, Gekrypton officials pointed out that they hope not to misconvey information without knowing the truth and the specific functional configuration of the Gekrypton 001 model, so as to avoid misleading consumers and causing adverse effects.

Jikrypton is a new intelligent pure electric vehicle brand owned by Geely. Currently, Jikrypton's models include five models: Jikrypton 001, Jikrypton 009, Jikrypton X, Jikrypton 007, and Jikrypton MIX. Among them, Jikrypton 001 is Jikrypton's first mass-production car, which will be launched in April 2021 and is positioned as a medium and large sedan. There are currently 9 models in the range of 2690 - 403,000 yuan. Two options for power are available. The former provides a maximum power of 272 horsepower and 422 horsepower to choose from; the latter provides a total motor power of 544 horsepower and 789 horsepower to choose from, providing a total of 560 kilometers, 656 kilometers, 675 kilometers, 705 kilometers, 741 kilometers, 750 kilometers, and 1032 kilometers. A total of 7 types of battery life.

Retail data shows that from January to April this year, the cumulative sales of Gekrypton were 49,100 units, of which the cumulative sales of Gekrypton 001 were 26705 units, Gekrypton 007 were 18540 units, Gekrypton X were 2032 units, and Gekrypton 009 were 1871 units.

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