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Sales number one for four consecutive weeks! Latest sales release of ideal car

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On May 28, ideal Automobile released its 21st week of 2024 (May 20 to May 26), the latest week of new energy vehicle brand sales.

Judging from the ranking of the list, the top three car companies in the weekly sales of new energy brands are still BYD, Tesla and ideal cars. Among them, BYD continued to top the list with weekly sales of 55000 vehicles, while Tesla and ideal sold 13100 and 8600 cars respectively.

Wuling and Ian took second place, with sales of 8500 and 7900 respectively in the new week. Compared with the previous week (May 13 to May 19), the ranking of the top five car companies in the new week has not changed, but in terms of sales, with the exception of Tesla (13900 vehicles in the previous week), the other four car companies have seen significant growth. For comparison, last week's sales of BYD, ideal, Wuling and Ian were 53600, 7800, 7400 and 6900, respectively.

In addition, AITO, Xilai, Polar Krypton, Changan and Zero entered the top 10, with sales of 6500 ‍, 5400, 4600, 4600 and 4100 respectively.

In terms of the new power brand sales list, ideal car and Q & J respectively ranked in the top two places. Among them, the ideal car leads the new power list with weekly sales of 8600, followed by 6500, with a sales gap of 2100.

This is also the question of four consecutive weeks of leading sales of ideal cars since the release of the weekly list of ideal cars. The number of weekly sales of the ideal car in May may be related to the launch of the ideal L6. The ideal L6 positioning five-seat medium-sized SUV is the fifth model and the fourth add-on hybrid model of the ideal car. it officially launched the Pro version and the Max version of the car on April 18, with a price of 249800 yuan and 279800 yuan respectively. It is the first model of the ideal car under 300000 yuan. On May 15, the 10000 production car of ideal L6 went off the line. Ideal says the ideal L6's capacity is climbing and will exceed 20, 000 next month.

Based on current sales trends, if nothing happens, the ideal car in May may once again exceed the question line. As a reference, in April, the ideal car sales were 25787 and the limit was 25086. The ideal car temporarily took the lead by 701 cars and returned to the top of the list of new car-building forces. It is worth mentioning that after entering 2024, ideal car has been surpassed by AITO many times, especially after the listing of MEGA, the stock price of ideal car has fallen sharply, and the sales forecast has been lowered at the same time, which brings huge sales pressure to ideal car. Data show that from January to April this year, the cumulative sales of ideal cars were 106187, and the 110928 vehicles questioned surpassed. Nowadays, the competition in sales between the ideal car and the question world has entered a white-hot stage, and it remains to be seen who will be more recognized by the market and consumers in the future.

In the "Wei Xiaoli" camp, the three are also gradually widening the gap. In addition to ideal cars, both Ulai and Xiaopeng entered the top 10, with weekly sales of 5400 and 1900 respectively, ranking third and ninth respectively.

In other brands, Polar Krypton and Zero also made it into the top five, with weekly sales of 4600 and 4100, respectively. Xiaomi, Teng Teng, Deep Blue and Polar Fox all made the top 10, with weekly sales of 2700, 2300, 2300 and 1400, respectively. According to the overall new power brand sales list, the outstanding performance is Xiaomi car, as a new car, weekly sales of 2700 vehicles also shows that the market recognition is relatively high.

Xiaomi SU7, the first model of Xiaomi car, went on sale on March 28th with a price range of 215900 yuan to 299900 yuan. May 15, Xiaomi Automobile official announced that from April 3 to May 15, a total of 43 days, the 10000th Xiaomi SU7 was officially delivered. For comparison, it also takes 87 days for the first car to be delivered and the M5 for the first car to be delivered, while the ideal ONE for the first car takes 7 months. While Xiaomi car only one and a half months to complete the delivery of 10,000 vehicles, from the comparison of delivery time is not difficult to see Xiaomi SU7 delivery speed.

According to the plan, Xiaomi's goal is to ensure the delivery of 100000 new cars this year. At Xiaomi Group's earnings report for the first quarter of 2024 on May 23, Xiaomi founder, Chairman and CEO Lei Jun reiterated that Xiaomi auto plant would start double-shift production in June, deliver at least 10, 000 vehicles that month, and ensure that at least 100000 vehicles would be delivered in 2024, sprint 120000.

In terms of luxury brand sales, BMW replaced Tesla with weekly sales of 13800 vehicles. The luxury brands ahead of the ideal car are still Tesla, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, with sales of 13100, 13000 and 10800 respectively. Ideal cars are once again in the top five in the new week, making it the highest-ranked Chinese luxury brand on the list. In fact, ideal car has been firmly in the top five many times, and sales are getting closer and closer to BBA, so it may become one of the biggest dark horses among Chinese car companies in the future. For comparison, last week (May 13 to May 19), the top five car companies by sales were Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and ideal.

In addition to the above brands, Mengjie, Ulay, Polar Krypton, Lexus and Volvo also entered the top 10, with sales of 6500, 5400, 4600, 3000 and 2900 respectively.

What is different from the 2023 car market is that this year, domestic new power brands began to dig deeper into more market segments. For example, ideal car began to expand the MPV market and launched ideal MEGA in March this year, which is the first all-electric car and the first MPV model under ideal car; and both Ulai Motor and Xiaopeng Motor have announced that they will launch a second brand that focuses on cost-effective. Of course, the reason behind the new power brand ploughing more market segments is to face the intensified pressure of market competition. In addition, since 2024, new car-building forces have piled up on the market, resulting in more and more fierce competition among car enterprises. With the intensification of competition in the field of new energy vehicles, the market share will gradually be gathered in the head car enterprises, while the car companies that lack hematopoietic ability and the products do not have enough bright spots will be shuffled out one after another. Judging from the current performance of the car market, the pattern of the new energy vehicle track has not yet been finalized, and the reshuffle of the industry's survival of the fittest is still under way. Who can go faster and farther in the future? let's wait for time to give the answer.

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