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Make a big move! BMW provides subsidy relief policy to 4S stores.

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On May 28th, Weibo netizen "Sun Shaojun 09" posted on the personal platform that in view of the market background and the tremendous impact brought by domestic brands, BMW sent letters to all dealers and stores. Decided to open a number of substantial subsidies and relief policies for BMW 4S stores. The policy includes a 3% price discount, helping to ease the cash flow pressure on dealers, reducing the annual interest rate on late payment to 2.5%, reducing the storage fee for vehicles stranded in Hong Kong by 50%, and so on.

In addition, a Weibo-certified auto blogger posted today that BMW also offered more policies beneficial to dealers in customer support and service, BMW finance, dealer development, and used cars. For example, in terms of customer support and services, a total wholesale and parts retail (cost) discount policy was added in the first half of the year, with full support of 3.5% to 3.5%. In terms of BMW finance, the interest-free period for the wholesale sale of new cars has been extended, the interest-free support for the new factory to sell used cars 30 days before the financial wholesale, and the preferential interest rate policy for the sale of 4.88% new test cars and 6.88% scooters.

BMW's subsidy and relief policy to 4S stores, many industry insiders pointed out that this operation of BMW may avoid repeating the previous Porsche was rebellious by dealers. A few days ago, the collective "rebellion" of Porsche dealers in China was buzzing on the Internet. The main contradiction is that due to the sharp drop in Porsche sales and the unsatisfactory sales of pure trams, dealers are selling cars at a loss. At this time, Porsche China in order to complete the sales task, or asked to press the warehouse, which also led to the intensification of the contradiction between the two sides. To this end, there are many Porsche dealers to stop getting into the car, to ask Porsche headquarters to give subsidies.

In the follow-up, Porsche China also responded: hope to work side by side with long-term dealer partners to face various challenges and support each other to achieve win-win development. Porsche will unswervingly put the interests of its customers first and work together with dealers to meet the challenges of the market and seek development.

In fact, with the rapid development of electrification and the rise of new domestic car-building forces, Porsche is not the only luxury brand that has been hit. BMW is also facing tremendous pressure. Relevant data show that BMW sales in the Chinese market fell 3.8% in the first quarter of this year, selling only 187700 vehicles, making it the only major single market in the world where BMW sales declined. Of course, the decline in BMW sales has something to do with the rise of new car-building forces in China. At the same time, the new BMW 5-Series did not meet official expectations. Figures show that BMW's 5-Series sold only 3874 vehicles in March.

Although in terms of electrification, BMW is also speeding up the pace, but the "oil to electricity" model has also been a lot of controversy. At present, in the domestic market, most of the sales of BMW pure electric models come from BMW i3 and iX3, while BMW's sales are still supported by sales of traditional fuel vehicles. It is not difficult to see that, as a century-old automobile brand, BMW is indeed very good at fuel vehicles, but it is not so effective for the development of new energy vehicles, and it is still using compatible platforms to make electric vehicles. No special electric vehicle manufacturing platform has been launched, which also hinders the process of electrification in China.

With the slow process of electrification and the shrinking market share of fuel vehicles, BMW naturally needs to examine its strategy in the Chinese market. The introduction of policies to reduce the pressure on dealers can indeed strengthen the cohesion with dealers to a certain extent. But the automobile industry pays attention to, finally have to return to the product, the product is powerful, the sales data will naturally come up.

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