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Xiaomi car was forced to buy a car by the supplier! The official refutes the rumor

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Recently, a car blogger posted on Weibo that Xiaomi forced suppliers to buy 10-30 cars each. In addition, among the bloggers, the blogger also mentioned why Xiaomi was bought by so many people, and what he heard was that Xiaomi's user base was large, suppliers, Xiaomi's investment and participating business circles were all buying.

As soon as the blog post was issued, it naturally triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. Most netizens believe that there is no need for Xiaomi cars to operate like this. Some netizens pointed out that the delivery of Xiaomi SU7 is a problem now, and the original version is long gone, while many owners of standard models are waiting in line for delivery. The annual production capacity of Xiaomi car super factory has reached its limit. The factory now delivers 100000 cars in two shifts, so there is no need to force suppliers to buy cars at all.

In response to this rumor, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, also posted an article yesterday: seeing the delivery volume of Xiaomi SU 7 becoming more and more stable and the delivery scale getting larger and larger, the latest version of rumor-mongering has already begun to compile a small composition. It seems that Xiaomi's legal department has made new gains.

In response to Wang Hua's response, the car blogger also posted: is this also the Ministry of Justice? I said "forced to buy a car, it should not go to it", and whether the screenshot infringement? Just because the screenshot itself comes from a public source does not mean that I agree with the screenshot.

It is worth mentioning that the recent rumors about Xiaomi cars are not the only ones.

There is also news in the past two days that Xiaomi Motor has acquired Evergrande Motor. On May 26th Evergrande announced that its 29% stake would be acquired. Subsequently, there is news on the market that Xiaomi SU7 sales are booming, Xiaomi Beijing factory capacity is only 300000 vehicles, in order to promote Xiaomi SU7 production capacity and prepare for the second SUV model mass production, Xiaomi car may use Evergrande Tianjin plant to quickly expand production capacity. In response to rumors of Xiaomi's acquisition of Evergrande shares in the market, Xiaomi officials later issued an article saying: Xiaomi has never had any plans or actions to acquire or control Evergrande.

In fact, since Xiaomi entered the auto circle, the progress of Xiaomi car construction has been concerned by the industry. Before the appearance price of Xiaomi SU7 was announced, news about the appearance and price of Xiaomi cars emerged one after another, and officials refuted the rumors many times at that time. After the official launch of Xiaomi SU7 on March 28, the news about Xiaomi cars is even more numerous, which can always be seen on Weibo.

From the side, it is not difficult to see that Xiaomi SU7 is indeed very hot. As the first model of Xiaomi car, Xiaomi SU7 went on sale on March 28th this year. The new car has three configurations, priced at 215900 yuan for standard version, 245900 yuan for Pro version and 299900 yuan for Max version. As of April 24, Xiaomi had locked more than 75723 SU7 vehicles, according to official figures. At present, for Xiaomi, the order is not the main problem, the biggest problem is its production capacity. Data show that as of May 15, Xiaomi SU7 series delivered a total of 10, 000 new cars.

Of course, Xiaomi cars are also speeding up production. According to Xiaomi officials, the Xiaomi car factory will start double-shift production this month, deliver at least 10, 000 vehicles that month, and ensure that at least 100000 vehicles will be delivered in 2024, with a delivery target of 120000 vehicles for the whole of 2024. Today, while major manufacturers are releasing sales figures, Xiaomi also released its latest sales in May, when Xiaomi sold 8630 SU7 vehicles in May. As the delivery of Xiaomi cars speeds up, follow-up sales of Xiaomi cars will continue to rise.

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