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Include Mondeo! Ford EVOS came to an end for two years

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A few days ago, more official pictures of the Changan Ford Mondeo sports version were released, that is, the previous Changan Ford EVOS, positioning cross-border SUV models, upgraded and incorporated into the Mondeo car system for sale, and the name of the model was also changed to "Mondeo Sports version". In terms of power, it is equipped with Ford Ruijie L's 2.0T gas-electric hybrid system. It is understood that the new car will go on sale during the 2024 Chongqing Auto Show, which opens on June 7. As a reference, cash is sold in the official price range of 14.98-219800 yuan for Ford Mondeo and 199800-259800 yuan for Ford EVOS.

From the official picture, the Ford Mondeo sports version has not changed in appearance, and the overall style is highly consistent with the current Ford EVOS. It is understood that the Ford Mondeo Sports Edition will provide two appearance design styles, the ordinary version and the ST-Line, in which the ST-Line model uses a more sporty appearance kit. Specifically, the shape of the front face of the Ford Mondeo sports version is consistent with that of Mondeo, and the interior of the active front grid is embellished with bright black decorative elements similar to scales, with the function of active closure. The LED headlight group adopts a split design, the front surrounding area adopts a penetrating design, the interior is wrapped by a black decorative strip, and the far and near light group below is integrated with the front enclosure. In terms of body color matching, the new car offers six options: black cloud, white jade plate, neon gray, roaring orange, twilight snow ash and bright moon white.

The most distinctive view of the Ford Mondeo sports version is the side of the body, the cross-border coupe body form makes it obviously different from most medium-sized SUV competitors, and the roof lines transition smoothly to the rear, which can satisfy the head space of the rear passengers without affecting the beauty of the SUV. In the rear part, the through-type LED taillight design echoes with the headlamp, the roof end is also equipped with a small spoiler, and the "Hybrid" hybrid logo is added to the left side of the tail door. In terms of size, because it was born in EVOS, the size is the same as EVOS, length, width and height is 4920/1920/1600mm, wheelbase is 2945mm, compared with Mondeo, the length is shorter, the width is wider, the height is higher, and the wheelbase is the same.

When entering the car, the most eye-catching thing about the Mondeo sports version is a 1.1-meter-long conjoined screen, which is composed of a 12.3-inch LCD instrument and a 27-inch 4K central control screen. the air conditioning outlets on both sides of the screen are penetrated by red strips and extend to the door panel, which can create a strong sense of hierarchy as a whole. At the same time, the new car is equipped with a new generation of SYNC+2.0 interconnection system, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A vehicle gauge processor.

In terms of power, the Ford Mondeo Sports Edition is equipped with E-hybrid 2.0T EcoBoost powertrain, the maximum power of the engine is 212kW, the peak torque is 403Nm, the battery is the lithium nickel cobalt manganate battery provided by BYD, the maximum power of the drive motor is 140kW, the maximum output power of the whole power system is 227kW, which matches the E-CVT electronic stepless gearbox, and the maximum mileage of WLTC is 915km.

EVOS's new 2.0T hybrid model was incorporated into the Mondeo family and renamed Mondeo Sports Edition, which will be launched globally at the 2024 Chongqing Motor Show on June 7, and the EVOS will no longer be sold in the future. It is understood that Ford EVOS is Changan Ford's cross-border medium-sized SUV, known as "Chase" in Chinese, listed at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show at a price of 19.98-259800 yuan. It is based on the whole network architecture of FNV Smart Internet, and the highlight lies in the use of cross-border style of body styling. However, since its launch, the EVOS has not had much of a sense of existence, selling 5942 vehicles in 2022 and 2434 in 2023, and changing its name to Mondeo Sports is also an attempt to improve car perception. After all, Mondeo is one of the most popular models of the Ford brand. Of course, the renaming of the model is nothing new, but there are not many successful examples after the renaming. Whether the EVOS will be recognized by consumers after changing its name to Mondeo Sports depends on its own product strength. After the inclusion of Mondeo product series and replacement of 2.0T hybrid system, can the competitiveness of the car be significantly improved?

From the product point of view, the Ford Mondeo sports version is positioned as a cross-border medium-sized SUV, and there are few direct competitors in the same price range. In terms of price and body structure, the car may form a certain competitive relationship with Tuguan X, but in the actual purchase decision, the car will compete with SUV models of the same price, such as Honda CR-V, Volkswagen Tuguan L, Lecker 08 EM-P and so on.

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