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Change your vest! Ford Mondeo Sports Edition has been on sale since 209800.

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On the opening day of the 2024 Chongqing International Auto Show, Changan Ford Mondeo Sports Edition was officially launched on June 7, with a total of sports version and sports version of ST-Line2 models, priced at 209800 yuan and 229800 yuan.

The Mondeo sports version is actually the previous Changan Ford EVOS model, and the new car has been upgraded and incorporated into the Mondeo car series for sale. At the same time, the Mondeo sports version has been renamed with Ford Ruijie L's 2.0T gas-electric hybrid system. Considering the positioning and price of the new car, as a cross-border medium-sized SUV, Ford Mondeo sports model will compete with Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and BYD Seal 06 DM-i.

In terms of appearance, the new car is basically consistent with the current Ford EVOS, the front face offers both ordinary version and ST-Line design styles, and the ST-Line model uses a more sporty appearance kit, including 20-inch aluminum alloy rims, red brake calipers, two-color body, etc., making the whole more athletic. Specifically, the new car uses a large-size hexagonal grille design, the top of the grille is decorated with scales and blackened, and has the function of active closure. The headlamp group with sharp shape on both sides presents the "L" shape, which is quite personalized and recognizable as a whole. The front encircling area adopts a penetrating design, and the interior is wrapped by a black decorative strip, and the far and near light group below is integrated with the front enclosure.

On the side of the body, the new car adopts slip-back styling, and the roof line smoothly transitions to the rear, with hidden door handles and large-size wheels for a strong sense of movement. In terms of color matching, the new car offers a total of six options: ink cloud black, jade plate white, neon gray, roaring orange, twilight snow ash and bright moon white. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4920/1920/1600mm, and the wheelbase is 2945mm, which is wider and taller than the current Mondeo, the length is shorter, and the wheelbase is consistent. In the rear part, the new car adopts through-type LED taillight design, which echoes with the front face, the roof end is equipped with a small spoiler, the tail door cancels the "EVOS" sign, and the "Hybrid" mixed sign is added on the left side to enhance identification.

Interior part, the new car basic family design style, using 12.3in LCD instrument and 27inch 4K central control screen together composed of a 1.1m conjoined screen, equipped with three-spoke flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel, at the same time, the new car is also equipped with a new generation of SYNC+2.0 interconnected system, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A gauge processor, can achieve vehicle OTA upgrade, with a good sports atmosphere and a sense of technology.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with an oil-electric hybrid system composed of a 2.0T four-cylinder engine and motor, the maximum power of the engine is 212kW, the peak torque is 403Nm, the battery is the lithium nickel cobalt manganate battery provided by BYD, the maximum power of the drive motor is 140kW, the maximum output power of the whole power system is 227kW, which matches the E-CVT electronic stepless gearbox, and the maximum mileage of WLTC is 915km.

In the car market, it is not uncommon for cars to be renamed and upgraded. As a model renamed and upgraded by EVOS, the new car has added a sports kit in its appearance to strengthen the characteristics of the sports version and make it more athletic as a whole. coupled with the stronger power of 2.0T hybrid system, it is also more in line with the aesthetic appreciation of young consumers. As for whether the new car can bring a surprise on the sales side after the launch, we will wait and see.

As a reference, Ford's cumulative retail sales of the EVOS from January to April this year were 720, with an average monthly sales of less than 200.

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