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Become an official car! Model Y enters government vehicle procurement catalog

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After the data security problem of Tesla has been solved, organizations of various countries often regard it as an automobile brand purchased in large quantities.

On July 4th, "Framework Agreement purchase of New Energy vehicles for Jiangsu Party and Government organs, institutions and organizations in 2024-2025" was announced. Tesla Model Y entered the Jiangsu Provincial Government's new energy vehicle procurement catalogue, which is the first case in the country where Tesla entered the government procurement catalogue.

According to the open framework agreement procurement solicitation document (JSZC-320000-SCZX-K2024-0107) published by the Jiangsu provincial government, the procurement indicators include cars, off-road vehicles and SUV, commercial vehicles and MPV, pick-up trucks, medium and large buses and other subcontracts, of which SUV is limited to 250000 yuan, requiring pure electric service to exceed 400km. According to Tesla's Chinese official website, Model Y models currently on sale include rear-wheel drive version, long-range all-wheel drive version and high-performance all-wheel drive version, of which only the rear-wheel drive version meets the requirements, the official guidance price is 249900 yuan, CLTC pure electric range of 554km, 100km acceleration of 5.9s, the highest speed 217km/h.

Tesla Model Y entered the car purchase catalogue of party and government organs, institutions and organizations in Jiangsu Province, which is a recognition of Tesla's data security. For a long time, Tesla's data security issues have attracted much attention, such as whether users take photos and upload them to the cloud when driving Tesla vehicles, and whether Tesla's data collection will be uploaded abroad, and whether it involves state secrets, and so on. As a result, Tesla is unable to get in and out normally on some occasions, such as airports.

On April 28, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the National computer Network Emergency Technology processing Coordination Center issued a circular on the testing of four safety requirements for automobile data processing (the first batch). The bulletin shows that a total of 76 models from six companies, including BYD, ideal Automobile, Lutes Technology, United New Energy, Tesla and Xilai, meet the four compliance requirements for automobile data safety. Tesla is the only foreign company that meets the compliance requirements.

It is understood that Tesla established a data center in Shanghai as early as 2021 to achieve localized storage and reduce the risk of secret leakage. in addition, he also introduced a third-party organization to audit the company's information security management system. Tesla said that Tesla's automobile compliance meets China's relevant requirements for automobile data processing safety, and is conducive to the comprehensive lifting of the traffic ban and parking restrictions on Tesla and other smart cars (such as government units, airports, highways, etc.). More Tesla and smart car owners can feel more at ease to buy and use brands that meet the relevant safety requirements. It is understood that the model produced by Tesla in the Shanghai factory meets the relevant national standards, including anonymous processing of face information outside the car, default not collecting cockpit data, in-car processing of cockpit data, and handling personal information to significantly inform four compliance requirements.

In addition to Tesla Model Y, the latest shortlist includes M7, Avita 11, Deep Blue SL03, Deep Blue S7, Zhiji LS6, Zhiji L7, Galaxy L6, Galaxy E8 Executive Edition, Geometry E, Geometry G6, Changan UNI-K/Z, Qiyuan A07, Qiyuan Q05, Roewe D5X, Volvo XC40, Cao Cao 60 and other models.

Compared with the standard annual rate of 2.5%, you can save more than 20,000 yuan in interest, which can be regarded as a price reduction in disguise.

On July 2, Tesla released the second-quarter automobile production and delivery report. Tesla delivered a total of 443956 cars in the second quarter, exceeding Wall Street expectations of 439302, according to the report. Among them, Model 3Universe Y accounts for the vast majority of the share, reaching 422405 vehicles. Although it is down 4.8% from the same period, it still shows a good momentum compared with 14.8% growth in the first quarter. Affected by this, Tesla's share price soared one after another. As of July 3, Tesla's share price rose 24.51%, hitting a five-month high. At present, with a total market capitalization of US $785.79 billion, Tesla is still the world's largest car company by market capitalization.

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