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No new violations were found! Toyota Motor's latest announcement

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On July 5, Toyota officially announced that it had completed an investigation into the certification process of all Japanese domestic models over the past 10 years. The investigation confirmed that no new cases of certification violations were found. Toyota said in an announcement that it had reported the investigation to Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport and apologized for the concern and inconvenience caused to customers. At the same time, Toyota promised to take appropriate measures in accordance with the guidance of Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport.

On June 3, Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport issued a notice saying that Toyota, Honda, Yamaha, Mazda and Suzuki had faked data and that the above-mentioned companies had committed violations in vehicle performance tests. In view of the spate of violations by companies such as Daihatsu in the process of obtaining model certification for mass production of cars and engines, Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport has asked 85 companies in the Japanese automobile industry to investigate whether there is a similar situation.

On the same day, Toyota said that according to the instructions of Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport, its model certification application was investigated on January 26 this year, although the investigation was still under way. however, the test methods of seven models, including some models that have been discontinued since 2014, do not comply with government standards, and Toyota reported the situation to Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport on May 31. Toyota said the problem model certification application involved insufficient pedestrian and occupant protection test data for three mass-production models (Corolla Fielder, Axio and Yaris Cross) and crash tests and other test methods for four discontinued models (Crown, Isis, Sienta and RX).

After the fraud of the company's data was exposed, Toyota, Honda and Mazda held a press conference and publicly bowed to apologize, and then Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport inspected all five car companies involved in violations. , Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport, conducted surprise checks on Toyota's headquarters, including questioning the quality person in charge and analyzing relevant documents to find out the context of the incident. The next day, Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport inspected the Yamaha engine headquarters. On June 10, in accordance with the Road Transport vehicle Law, Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport inspected the headquarters of Honda in the Tokyo port area and the Mazda headquarters in Fuzha, Hiroshima Prefecture.

On June 11, Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport concluded that the six certification violations found by Toyota violated not only Japanese national standards, but also United Nations standards, including those adopted in Europe. Japan and the United Nations have the same standards for passenger cars, so the same violations are likely to prevent mass production in Europe and elsewhere. Toyota suspended production of three models, including the YARiS CROSS, which had a "type specification" certification violation for mass production until June 28, but then decided to extend the shutdown until the end of July and said it expected full production to resume after August.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time Toyota has been found to be faking. According to Automotive Industry concern, Japanese car companies, especially brands like Toyota, which is one of the largest automakers in Japan, are also the most representative of Japanese industry. frequent exposure of illegal scandals not only damages consumers' credibility of brands, but also easily causes consumers to worry, and the deeper impact is that this scandal will also lead to a serious blow to the brand image of Japanese car companies.

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