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The latest weekly sales list is released! Ideal questions squeeze into the top three new energy brands

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On July 9, ideal released the latest weekly sales list for the 27th week of 2024, which includes sales of new energy brand TOP10 in China, new power brand TOP10 in China and luxury brand TOP10 in China.

First, let's take a look at the list of new energy brand sales in the Chinese market. Among the top five on the list, ideal cars and Qijie have changed significantly, with weekly sales of 8000 and 7900 respectively, entering the second and third places respectively. For comparison, last week (June 24 to June 30), the two weekly sales were 13000 and 12500, respectively, ranking third and fourth.

BYD topped the list with weekly sales of 58800 vehicles and is the only brand on the list that has sold more than 50, 000 vehicles, although sales are down from the previous week. By contrast, BYD topped the list last week with weekly sales of 75800 vehicles. Ian and Wuling both made it into the top five, with weekly sales of 6800 and 6700 respectively.

Tesla fell out of the top five and ranked sixth on the list with weekly sales of 6500 vehicles. At present, Tesla's domestic models for sale include Model 3 and Model Y, of which Model Y accounts for the vast majority of total sales. Retail sales in June, for example, showed that Model Y sold 41110 vehicles in June, compared with 18151 for Model 3.

On July 1, Tesla launched the preferential policy of "zero interest for five years". Compared with the standard annual rate of 2.5%, these preferential policies can save more than 20, 000 yuan of interest, which can also be regarded as a price reduction in disguise. In addition, on July 4, the purchase of New Energy vehicles Framework Agreement of Jiangsu Provincial Party and Government organs, institutions and organizations for 2024-2025 was announced, and Tesla Model Y entered the Jiangsu Provincial Government's purchase catalogue of New Energy vehicles In addition, according to the official Weibo of Shanghai's "Lingang New District Investment Promotion Service Center", several state-owned enterprises in Lingang New area, including Citouxing Port Group and Lingang Investment Control Group, have purchased Model Y as an enterprise function car. Whether the above actions can stimulate users to buy cars remains to be verified.

In addition to the above brands, including Ulay, Polar Krypton, Zero and Xiaomi are also on the list of new energy vehicle brands in the new week, with weekly sales of 5300, 3800, 3800 and 3700 respectively.

Let's take a look at the sales list of the new power brand TOP10 in the Chinese market. Ideal car is still the top seller of the new power brand in the Chinese market, with weekly sales of 8000, higher than the 7900 in question. The difference in sales between the two is 100, and the competition between the two is still fierce. Xilai entered the top three, with weekly sales of 5300, while Xiaopeng's performance was somewhat lonely, ranking eighth on the list with weekly sales of 1800 vehicles.

Polar krypton cars and zero-running cars entered the top five, with weekly sales of 3800 vehicles. In addition, Xiaomi, Deep Blue, Tengli and Zhiji entered the top 10, with weekly sales of 3700, 3400, 1700 and 1300 respectively. Among them, Zhiji ranked tenth. It is understood that Zhiji Automobile is a subsidiary of SAIC, jointly established by SAIC and the governments of Alibaba and Zhangjiang, to position high-end smart electric vehicle brands. Currently, models on sale include Zhiji L7, Zhiji LS7, Zhiji LS6, Zhiji L6 models. Among them, the Zhiji L6 is the brand's fourth model, positioning medium and large pure electric cars, launched on May 13, a total of five new models, listing equity price of 199900-325900 yuan.

It should be noted that although Zhiji Automobile is backed by SAIC and has four models, it has been lukewarm in the car market. Taking the sales data of 2023 as an example, the cumulative sales of Zhiji cars in 2023 is 38253, which is far from that of mainstream car companies, which also means that "how to achieve a breakthrough in quality vector" is still an urgent problem to be solved.

Finally, let's take a look at the TOP10 sales list of Chinese luxury brands. judging from the brand rankings on the list, Mercedes-Benz surpassed BMW in the first place in the new week, with weekly sales of 13100 vehicles, while BMW and Audi sold 11900 vehicles and 10800 vehicles respectively. As a reference, the weekly sales of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi were 24600, 20000 and 19200 respectively last week.

Ideal car ranks fourth, with weekly sales of 8000 vehicles. After the ideal car, the car companies are Mengjie, Tesla, Weilai, Polar Krypton, Lexus and Volvo, with weekly sales of 7900, 6500, 5300, 3800, 3300 and 2400 respectively.

At present, the global automobile market is undergoing unprecedented changes, under this background, the luxury car market is also beginning to reshuffle, especially in the era of new energy vehicles, luxury brands are experiencing labor pains. Previously, car companies, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, have all launched price reduction promotions in exchange for sales. Although the current luxury car market is still there, but the traditional luxury cars and new energy luxury cars also began to appear sales differentiation, with the innovation of the car market, luxury brands will face more tests.

Overall, whether it is new energy brands in the Chinese market, new power brands in the Chinese market or luxury brands in China, the current competition among brands is still very fierce, especially after entering the second half of the year will usher in a more fierce battle for share.

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