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Spread rumors about Tesla! Well-known car big V published a newspaper apologizing

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The case of Tesla suing "Boss Cai" for infringing the right of reputation has finally come to an end. On July 9, Boss Cai issued an "statement of apology" in the Rule of Law Daily, apologizing to Tesla.

In the statement of apology, Boss Cai admitted his mistake. According to the statement, on December 5, 2022, I, Cai Jia, posted a video "telling the story of netizens" and "just so numb" on Douyin. In the above two videos, Cai Jia, as a professional car critic, disregards the kinetic energy recovery function and principle of the electric vehicle, simply ascribes the lighting of the electric vehicle brake lights to the driver stepping on the brakes and draws the wrong conclusion of "brake failure". Caused serious damage to Tesla's reputation. In addition, I, Cai Jia, fabricated the conclusion given by the staff of Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. that the car owner stepped on the switch 0.2 seconds before the crash, and made up strange remarks that regional executives felt insensitive to the public. they also use insulting and negative words such as "evil in mind", "big change", "fluke", "numbness", "dislike", "unworthy", "dirty their eyes" and "sad". Maliciously slander and derogate Tesla automobile reputation.

It is understood that prior to this, "Boss Cai" was sued by Tesla for infringement of reputation. at that time, the court judgment showed that "Boss Cai" needed to issue a public apology in the Rule of Law Daily and compensate Tesla for 400000 yuan. The reason is that "Boss Cai" has repeatedly posted rumor-mongering Tesla's remarks on the Internet.

In this "statement of apology", after the court's trial and judgment, Cai Jia has realized his mistake and has deeply reflected on his behavior. " Boss Cai also said: "the Internet is not a place outside the law, and freedom of speech should be exercised within the legal framework. The publication of speech on the Internet should be based on facts, and no one is allowed to publish facts in public without reasonable verification. The above actions have infringed upon the reputation rights of Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. I sincerely apologize to your company for the above acts! "

According to the data, "Boss Cai" is positioned as a car commentator on Douyin platform, and it mainly publishes content videos based on car commentary on Douyin platform. In the early stage, it was concerned by netizens by virtue of the popular "Porsche downsizing" incident. Then, in 2021, Boss Cai posted a video on Douyin with the theme "A friend of my Tesla supplier exposed the inside story" and received a lot of traffic. It is understood that Boss Cai had only more than half a million followers on Douyin before Tesla was exposed, but it has more than 4 million followers by November 2022.

But in August last year, the account of "Boss Cai", a commentator with millions of Douyin followers, was blocked. At that time, the "Boss Cai" Douyin account had 5.541 million followers and received 91.631 million likes. In December of the same year, online letter China publicly exposed a number of typical cases of damaging the business network environment on its official account Wechat. Among them, "Boss Cai" was suspected of publishing false and false information related to enterprises. Maliciously slander the product quality and reputation of an automobile company, and continue to deliberately hype. The Internet Information Office shut down the Weibo account "one dish, two dishes", Douyin account "Boss Cai" and Wechat account "Mei Banquet Automobile" in accordance with the law.

People in the industry believe that being a well-known car blogger means that it has greater credibility, can attract more fans and have more influence at the same time, so it is necessary to be more cautious in making comments.

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