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Li Xiang: reported by many colleagues

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"We have been reported by many peer complaints, so it is a pity that we were temporarily unable to release real insurance data last week (May 8-May 14)," Li wrote on social media on May 15. I think some colleagues can't stand the fact that some people start to fake the risk data (every car company will buy it) and take the initiative to release the real risk data of the first week to quickly correct the deviation. " In addition, Li Xiang also mentioned on social media, "the amount of insurance of the ideal car last week is not less than 6K (that is, 6000 vehicles), but 7K (that is, 7000 vehicles), which is hereby corrected!"


In the past, ideal cars would announce their insurance sales in the last week. On May 14, a picture entitled "sales of New Power Brands in the Chinese Market from May 8 to May 14, 2023" was circulated on the Internet. the style of the picture is the same as that of the earlier ideal car release, but the statistical unit is "ten thousand vehicles", not "cars".


Data show that the current Xiaopeng car sales of 6100, ranking first; ideal car sales of 5800, ranking second. However, the picture was questioned by industry insiders soon after it was released. After all, among the insured cars released earlier, Xiaopeng sold only 864 cars in the first week of May, but jumped directly to 6100 in the second week. It's really incredible. However, Li Xiang did not respond to which peer reported and who made the fraud.

It is understood that the latest amount of insurance that can be found is the data of the first week of May. According to Sinochem data retail terminal data, in the ranking of new power brands in the Chinese market in the first week of May 2023, ideal car ranked first with 4565 vehicles, followed by zero-running cars with 2155 vehicles, Lailai 1100 and Xiaopeng 864.


Since the beginning of this year, the ideal car has ranked first in the new power market. In April 2023, ideal car sales were 25681, up 516.30% from a year earlier, setting a new record for monthly delivery, while delivering more than 20, 000 for two consecutive months. So far, from January to April this year, ideal cars have been delivered a total of 78265 units, an increase of 118.11% over the same period last year.


On May 10, ideal Automobile announced its results for the first quarter of 2023, showing that the ideal automobile business income during the reporting period was 18.79 billion yuan, an increase of 96.5 percent over the same period last year, of which vehicle sales revenue was 18.33 billion yuan, an increase of 96.9 percent over the same period last year. The net profit was 934 million yuan, turning a loss into a profit from a net loss of 10.866 million yuan in the same period, and an increase of 252.0% over the net profit of 270 million yuan in the fourth quarter of 2022. Ideal Automobile has also become the first new car-making force to make a profit for two consecutive quarters. In addition, the gross profit margin is 20.4% and that of vehicles is 19.8%.


Ideal said the increase in sales revenue was mainly due to increased deliveries and an increase in the average selling price of ideal L-series models. Data show that ideal cars delivered a total of 52600 new cars in the first quarter, an increase of 65.8% over the same period last year. Ideal expects delivery of 7.6-81000 vehicles in the second quarter, up 164.9% and 182.4% from a year earlier, after it announced that it would deliver 25700 vehicles in April, meaning delivery would remain above 25000 in May and June. Li Xiang said on a conference call after the results that he would strive to achieve the target of delivering 30,000 vehicles a month in June.

Overall, in the luxury car market of more than 300000 yuan, including traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles, ideal cars have been firmly in the top five and are getting closer and closer to BBA. Different from NIO, although the products sold by both are priced at more than 300000 yuan, it is ideal that there are only three models, and the style is popular. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the add-on program, ideal car has announced to enter the pure electric market, the first pure electric MPV will be released at the end of the year, followed by the launch of six pure electric models, "extended range + pure electric" walking on two legs is still worth looking forward to.


However, with the intensification of market competition, there are more and more competitors for ideal cars, especially Wei Brand of Great Wall Motors, whose newly launched Blue Mountain and upcoming new mocha are aimed at L8 and L7 respectively, both of which are much lower than ideal counterparts in terms of price, which may put some pressure on the ideal. However, Li Xiang said that more and more brands to participate in the competition is good for us, users see that publicity may eventually choose our products, the biggest competition with the L8 model or (Tesla) Model Y. "

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