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From 179800 RMB! A new generation of Accord is listed.

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On May 20, Guangzhou Automobile Honda's new-generation Accord officially launched a total of seven models with fuel version and plug-in version, with a price range of 179800-258800 yuan.


In terms of appearance, the new car is made in a new design language, making it younger and more fashionable as a whole. The front face of the new car is designed with a flat hexagonal forward grille, and the interior of the grille is decorated with bright black dense spoke elements, and forms an integrated shape with the headlights designed on both sides, which lengthens the visual width of the front face. In addition, the front of the new car is surrounded by a through-type heat dissipation and ventilation opening design, with chrome-plated decorative strips on both sides, which makes it look more athletic and younger as a whole.

On the side of the body, the sharp corner design is adopted at the bottom of the C-column of the new car, and the area of the triangular window behind the C-column is reduced, so that the angle of the sliding back of the roof from the B-pillar becomes larger and has a more sedan running style. In the rear part, the new car adopts the popular through-type taillight group, and optimizes and upgrades the internal details of the lamp group, using a dual-format design, with the Honda LOGO logo in the center of the lamp group to increase recognition. The encirclement size under the new car is not large, the exhaust adopts hidden bilateral layout, and the small size "duck tail" on the rear cover is also retained, the overall visual effect is very layered.



In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4980/1860/1450mm and the wheelbase is 2830mm. As a comparison, the length, width and height of the old domestic Accord are 4906/1862/1449mm, and the wheelbase is 2830mm. By contrast, the length of the new car has increased by 74mm, but the wheelbase is consistent with the current model.


In the interior part, the new car adopts the latest family interior style similar to Civic and CR-V, including through air conditioning outlet, suspended full LCD instrument / central control screen, etc., among which, the biggest highlight is the 12.3inch suspension center control screen, which is the largest screen in Honda's history. The latest Honda Connect 4.0car engine system also appears in the car, in addition. Both fuel version and plug-in hybrid models are equipped with Honda SENSING-assisted driving system, which can realize the functions of adaptive cruising, lane centering and so on.


In terms of power, the new car is equipped with fuel version and plug-in hybrid version, of which the 1.5T turbocharged engine model L15CH/L15CJ has a maximum power of 141kW, a peak torque of 260Nm and a transmission system that matches the CVT continuously variable transmission. In addition, the gas-electric hybrid model will be equipped with a hybrid system composed of 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and motor, with a maximum power of 109kW and a peak power of 135kW, matched with an E-CVT gearbox.


As a classic Honda car, Accord has a history of 38 years. In 1994, the fifth generation Honda Accord came to China by way of import. in order to meet the needs of domestic consumers, the domestic Accord model also added a special model with 2.2L engine and leather seats.

On July 1, 1998, Guangzhou Automobile Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. (formerly Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.) was formally established as a joint venture company jointly funded by Guangzhou Automobile Group and Honda Technology Research Industrial Co., Ltd., each holding 50% of the shares. The following year, the sixth generation Accord was introduced into domestic production by Guangzhou Automobile Honda and became the first domestic model under GAC Honda, which has been produced for three years. Up to now, the development of Accord has gone through ten updating iterations, among which the tenth generation Accord was listed in China on April 16, 2018, and the tenth generation mid-term modified model was launched on October 9, 2021, with a price of 16.98-259800 yuan.


New car traffic insurance data show that Honda Accord sold 223200 vehicles in 2022, ranking second in the domestic midsize car list, second only to the Camry (250800). According to the latest retail data of the Federation of passengers, from January to April this year, Accord accumulated sales of 73600 vehicles, Camry for 58700 vehicles. From the sales data analysis, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry market competition is very fierce, as for the new generation Accord listing, can surpass Camry this year, we might as well wait and see.

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