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Global sales of Q1 in 2023: Model Y surpasses Toyota Corolla to become the best-selling car

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"Model Y became the best-selling car in the world in the first quarter of this year," Tesla said in an official statement on May 26th. Thanks to all the new and old car owners. "


According to JATO Dynamics, an overseas market research firm, it collects data from 53 markets around the world and forecasts and estimates the rest of the world. Comprehensive data show that in the first quarter of 2023, Model Y overtook Toyota Corolla/Levin/Allion/Lingshang (domestic Corolla / Leiling / Asian Lion / Ling Shang) to become the world's best-selling model, with a total sales of 266400 vehicles in the first quarter.

It is understood that this is the first time that pure electric vehicles have topped the list of global car sales, and it is also a historic turning point for the automobile industry to accelerate into the era of electric cars. Of course, it remains to be seen whether the Model Y will become the world's best-selling model in 2023. After all, whether the Model Y can surpass the Toyota Corolla depends on price reduction.

Tesla China Guanxuan cut prices on January 6, and its two domestic cars hit record lows, with Model 3 down 2.0-36000 yuan and Model Y down 2.9-48000 yuan. Since then, Tesla has cut prices in a number of markets around the world, with a significant increase in sales. Mr Musk said on an earnings call after the annual earnings conference that a gross margin of 20 per cent was still the bottom line for Tesla to stick to in the long run, but in the short term, scale was more important to Tesla than profits. In addition, Musk also said that we do not consider hitting competitors through pricing, we only think about our overall strategy, whether people like our cars, whether they can afford to buy our cars, and whether we can improve our services and create more value. Zero-profit sales are possible in the future.

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Until the Model Y topped the global sales list, the world's best-selling cars were Toyota's Corolla and RAV4. Take the global sales in 2022 as an example, among the top three best-selling models in the world, the top two models are all owned by Toyota, the best-selling model is RAV4 (domestic Rongfang / Weilanda), with annual global sales of 1.0157 million vehicles, followed by Corolla (domestic Carola / Leiling), with global sales of 991600 vehicles. According to relevant data, RAV4 accounts for 33%, 43% and 9% of sales in China, North America and Europe, while Corolla accounts for 53%, 22% and 6% respectively in the three major markets.

The third-ranked model is Tesla Model Y, which sold 747500 vehicles in 2022, up 91 per cent from a year earlier. Or the Model 3 is slightly lukewarm because Model Y is so hot that it sold 482200 vehicles for the year, but fell 3 per cent year-on-year, with 47 per cent of sales coming from North America, 28 per cent from China and 19 per cent from Europe. These two models account for 95 per cent of Tesla's global sales in 2022.

Although Tesla Model Y surpassed Toyota Corolla to become the best-selling model in the world, the rest of the top five models came from Toyota, including Hilux, RAV4/Wildander (domestic Rongfang / Weilanda) and Camry (domestic Camry). The global sales of the three models in the first quarter were 214700, 211100 and 166200 respectively.

Some netizens asked why BYD didn't have models on the list. It is understood that at present, BYD's best-selling models are Song and Qin, and global sales are unknown, but take the domestic retail sales in the first quarter as an example, of which the Qin family sold a total of 88000 vehicles and the Song family sold a total of 141400 vehicles, which is indeed lower than Toyota Camry, which ranks fifth.

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