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It is said that Shanghai Tesla Model 3 production line is out of operation.

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According to foreign media reports, Wu Wa, a blogger who has been following Tesla's Shanghai factory for a long time, recently found that the factory's Model 3 production line seems to have stopped operation, suspected of preparing for a change to Model 3. According to a video recorded by a drone, although Tesla's Shanghai factory is still busy, most of the activities are concentrated on Model Y, and the work area of Model 3 is surprisingly quiet.


In early May, it was reported by foreign media that the new Model 3 model will be mass produced in the Shanghai factory on June 1, and the production line of Model 3 may be shut down for a few days at the end of May in order to adapt to the adjustment of the production line of the new model. In addition, since early May, some workers at the Shanghai factory have been required to put their phones in special lockers outside the production line to avoid leaking details of new cars. However, Tesla denied the authenticity of the news about the change to Model 3.


Tesla first launched Model 3 in the United States in 2016. As the Shanghai plant was completed and put into production, in order to further reduce manufacturing costs, domestic Model 3 was officially launched in Chinese mainland at the end of 2019. With advanced design style and intelligent driving assistance, Model 3 has always been a catfish in the new energy vehicle market. However, with the upward breakthrough of independent brands, the advantages of Model 3 in design and technology are no longer obvious, coupled with the extremely inward volume of the new energy vehicle market, the price of Model 3 is not so attractive. Although the current sales volume of Model 3 is still considerable, the whole vehicle is obviously unable to keep up with the pace of the times.

At present, it is only a matter of time before the Model 3 is revamped. The model is already in the road test stage, and we have exposed the road test spy photos of the new Model 3 many times before. Earlier, Tesla revealed that Tesla would upgrade the interior and power system of the new Model 3, but did not elaborate.


According to the spy photo, the new Model 3 headlight group adopts a new design, which removes the current arc design and becomes more straight. At the same time, the composition of the lamp cavity has also been adjusted, and an L-shaped LED lamp belt appears at the bottom of the headlamp. Combined with previous overseas espionage photos, the new Tesla Model 3 is expected to add a camera at the end of the headlight group to further improve the vehicle's "vision" ability and help enhance the performance of the autopilot assist system, as well as a 360 °panoramic image function.



In terms of interior decoration, the new Tesla Model 3 does not use the Toke steering wheel, but uses a new round steering wheel similar to the new Model S and Model X, and is likely to use the same non-stop scheme. Previously, a car blogger revealed that the special-shaped steering wheel may not be allowed to declare in China, so it seems that the steering wheel of the new Model 3 is "quite far-sighted".


China is Tesla's most important market outside the United States, and it is very important for Tesla to update his products because of the fierce competition in China's auto market. Tesla launched a price war at the beginning of the year, which led to a sharp price reduction of a series of models. Competition intensified further. According to foreign media reports, the new Model 3 is designed to simplify the design and reduce parts to reduce production costs, but the pricing of Tesla's new Model 3 remains highly secret, and it is not clear to what extent fluctuations in raw material costs will affect the final price.

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