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Dongfeng Honda 4S store was fined for selling new cars by car quakes.

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A few days ago, Zhenjiang New Yadong Automobile Co., Ltd. was fined 80,000 yuan by Danyang Market Supervision Bureau for violating advertising content management regulations. It is understood that Zhenjiang New Yadong Automobile Co., Ltd. is an affiliated company of Dongfeng Honda New Yadong 4S Store. Its experience includes Dongfeng Honda brand car sales, auto parts, hardware, department stores, lubricants, machinery parts and so on.


According to the punishment notice, the Danyang Internet Information Office found an article entitled "where is the car shock going?" posted on the WeChat account "xinyadongzj" on June 6, 2022. Dongfeng Honda new concept car Jade takes you to set off the best part of car shock! The advertisement is suspected of breaking the law.

After the incident, the party involved Zhenjiang New Yadong Automobile Co., Ltd. issued an article entitled "where is the car shock going?" on the above account on February 25, 2014. Dongfeng Honda new concept car Jade takes you to set off the best part of car shock! The advertisement claims to be "car shock secrets" and introduces in detail "car shock secrets" such as "rear space", "co-driver experience", "original field of vision", "V-shaped enjoyment", "back row lying flat" and so on. all of them are equipped with words to describe in detail the car shock posture and steps of the above positions, as well as lines to outline the figure and position of the characters on the Jade car. The advertisement shows the above-mentioned "car shock secrets" in the form of text and pictures, and marks the pattern in a prominent position in the picture. The advertisement shows "read 100000 +". As of the case, NetEase, Zhihu, Phoenix New Media and other websites all publicized the content of "car shock" published by Dongfeng Honda dealers, and the Internet did not dare to do so! The above-mentioned advertisements are reported and reproduced in the form of. On June 9, 2022, the above-mentioned WeChat account of the parties showed that "the account has entered an independent cancellation freeze period and the function cannot be used", and officially cancelled on June 10, 2022.


In view of the above facts, there is mainly the following evidence to prove, including the "on-the-spot transcript", the hard copy of the main information of the Wechat account and "where is the car going?" Dongfeng Honda new concept car Jade takes you to set off the best part of car shock! "the article screenshot printout, the website reprint" Dongfeng Honda dealers published "car shock" content for publicity, the Internet does not dare to do so "web page printout, and so on.


On March 8, 2023, Danyang City Market Supervision Administration Bureau sent Dadan City Supervision penalty notice (2023) No. 018 "notice of Administrative punishment" to the parties in accordance with the law. The bureau believes that the above advertisements posted by the parties on their Wechat account, regardless of the text description or photo promotion, have obvious sexual implications and do not meet the requirements of building socialist spiritual civilization and carrying forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Although the party argued that he used a new Wechat official account in 2016, the original account was restored to a registration number because the annual review process was not completed and stopped changing in 2014, its content was still visible and was reported by relevant websites in early June 2022, resulting in adverse effects. When the parties carry out business activities and issue advertisements, they should not only abide by the provisions of national laws and regulations, but also pay attention to the social responsibility of the market subjects and carry forward the socialist core values and the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. The advertisements related to the case issued by the parties go against the good fashion of the society. In view of the active cooperation of the parties in the investigation of this case, taking the initiative to delete illegal advertisements and cancel relevant accounts, the Bureau decided to order the parties to stop publishing the above advertisements, correct the illegal acts, and impose a mitigated punishment and a fine of 80000 yuan. If he fails to pay the fine within the time limit, he shall be fined 3% of the amount of the fine every day, and will apply to the people's court for compulsory enforcement according to law.


It is understood that Jade is a compact car owned by Dongfeng Honda. The earliest prototype car is the Concept S concept car, which was unveiled at the 2013 Shanghai International Auto Show and announced the Chinese name "Jed". In September 2013, Dongfeng Honda Jade officially launched, equipped with 1.8L naturally aspirated engine, the price range is 14.98-183800 yuan. In January 2017, the mid-term revamped Jade went on the market, with a new 1.5T turbocharged engine and a certain degree of adjustment for the appearance and interior of all models. In August 2020, the overseas version of Jade officially stopped production, there are no plans to launch the next generation of models, and there are no successor models, as the next generation of Japanese version of Jade will no longer be launched, the car will eventually stop production and sales in China.

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