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Ideal car announced the latest sales, Xiaopeng auto executives openly questioned

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On July 11, the ideal car once again announced its weekly sales. According to the data, in the 28th week of 2023, the weekly sales of ideal cars was 7900, still ranking first among the new power brands in the Chinese market, equivalent to the second to fourth combined sales. NIO, Teng Teng and Polar Krypton ranked 234 and 4 respectively, with sales of 3100, 2500 and 2300 respectively.


In addition, Zero run, Deep Blue, Nezha, Xiaopeng, Mengjie and Wei Brand also appeared on the list, of which Xiaopeng ranked eighth with 1200 cars. It should be noted that the ideal car did not indicate the source of sales channels, and it had previously said that there was a deviation between weekly and monthly sales figures.

After the weekly sales list of ideal cars, Xiaopeng executives publicly responded and questioned the falsification of its data. Huang Honglin, general manager of Xiaopeng product marketing, posted two ranking pictures on moments, the first of which is the weekly sales ranking officially released by ideal car. Huang Honglin said: the above information about Xiaopeng is false, and it is not too late to have a good meal. It also said, "there is no need for us to show off our muscles by bluffing. Cars are an industry where long-term doctrine wins and opportunism is dead. our love is to do a good job in products, quality and supply, and to deliver high-quality products to users." Subsequently, Liu Yilin, senior director of Xiaopeng's self-driving products, posted a screenshot of Huang Honglin's moments on Weibo, with the caption: "Lang Lang is full of wonders."


There is indeed a certain deviation between the weekly sales of the ideal car and the actual performance.

Statistics show that Xiaopeng's weekly sales are only 1200, ranking eighth in New Power's sales. It is worth mentioning that Xiaopeng launched its fifth production car, the G6, on June 29, and its price range of 20.99 to 27.69 triggered a positive reaction in the market. It is understood that the model began to be delivered in early July, and as of June 28, the order volume of the Xiaopeng G6 has exceeded 35000. He Xiaopeng also publicly disclosed the hot order of the Xiaopeng G6 on social media many times, but the weekly sales performance of 1200 vehicles is unacceptable.



Since April, the sales volume of ideal cars has been announced on the basis of "week", basically leading the major new power brands by absolute advantage. On May 15, Li posted on social media, "We have been reported by many peer complaints, and it is a pity that we are unable to release real insurance data for the time being." I think some colleagues can't stand the fact that some people start to fake the risk data (every car company will buy it) and take the initiative to release the real risk data of the first week to quickly correct the deviation. " However, Li Xiang did not respond to which peer reported and who made the fraud.


In the first half of the year, the cumulative sales of ideal cars were 139117, an increase of 130.31% over the same period last year, and the delivery volume in the first half of the year has exceeded that of 2022. Xiaopeng delivered a total of 41435 new cars in the first half of the year, down 39.93 per cent from a year earlier, while Xilai increased 7.35 per cent to 54561.

On June 30, Li Xiang said that the goal of ideal car is to achieve the first sales of all luxury brands in the Chinese market (that is, the first sales of all passenger cars over 200000 yuan), with a delivery volume of 1.6 million vehicles per year. Earlier, Li wanted to post on the social platform: "with the delivery of pure electric models and the ideal L6 next year, we are confident that total sales will exceed BBA by 2024." Even if you focus on this market segment of high-end home users, you can make a very large scale. "

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