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Looks like the Land Rover Guardian! The new generation of Shengda official map is released.

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On July 18, Hyundai officially released the new generation of Shengda official map. As a replacement model, the new generation of Shengda has been redesigned for appearance and interior, and is expected to provide three power options: fuel version, plug-in hybrid version and gas-electric hybrid version. the new car will be officially unveiled in August and is expected to be the first to be listed overseas this year, and the follow-up will continue to introduce domestic products. As a reference, the current price range of Hyundai Shengda in Beijing is 20.28-272800 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the new generation of Shengda adopts a brand-new design style, which is more square and strong as a whole, and the outline shape is close to that of Land Rover Guardian style. Specifically, the car uses a narrow bar grille with a central penetrating light belt, and a LED band is added in the middle of the black honeycomb intake grille, and the front bumper also presents an H-shaped visual effect, which improves the visual hierarchy of the car. The interior of the headlight group uses H-type LED daytime driving lights, while similar H-style daylight is added, which greatly enhances the recognition of the vehicle.

From the side, the new car uses angular and slightly raised front and rear wheel eyebrows, together with dense spoke rim shape, making this car stylish and hard core. At the same time, the car also adopts the popular suspended roof design, together with the black roof luggage rack, which not only improves the practicability of the vehicle, but also enhances the sense of hierarchy. In the rear part, the new generation of Shengda adopts a brand-new design shape, which tends to be vertical, and the addition of H-shaped taillights on both sides also echoes with the front of the car. In terms of size, the official has not yet announced, but said it will lengthen the wheelbase.

Compared with the appearance and shape change of "burst", its interior is relatively more in line with the current mainstream design, and the new generation of Shengda interior is also redesigned, using an integrated screen of central control screen and dashboard. Wood grain decoration is added to the details of the center console and the position of the car door, equipped with wireless charging of mobile phones. It is worth mentioning that from the pictures released by the official, we can see that the rear seats tend to be flat after being put down, and after being carefully equipped, the outdoor use scene can be expanded.

In terms of power, officials have not released specific information about the new generation of Shengda, but combined with the tail logo, 2.5T power system may be provided. At the same time, the new generation of Shengda offers not only fuel versions, but also hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.

Since its launch in 2001, Hyundai Shengda / Santa Fe has experienced four generations of products, of which the third generation products have had a good market performance after being made by Beijing Hyundai, and then due to slow product updates, the fourth generation models were not launched until 2019. However, with the decline of Beijing Hyundai in the domestic market, even if the product power is greatly improved, it is still unable to return to the market performance at its peak.


In September 2022, the fourth generation of Shengda travelers went public with a price range of 20. 28 yuan to 269800 yuan. As a medium-term revamped model, the new Shengda is upgraded in terms of appearance, interior decoration and configuration, with a 2-seat, 2-seat layout and 2.0T+8AT powertrain.

As a medium-sized SUV, Shengda's competitors include Toyota Hanlanda, Ford Ruijie and other joint venture medium-sized SUV. Before that, Hanlanda occupied the joint venture medium-sized SUV market for a long time, and the rest of the brand models mainly competed for market share by price reduction. However, Toyota Hanlanda's life is not as easy as it used to be. Domestic medium-sized SUV products such as Chuanqi GS8, Harvard fierce Dragon MAX and BYD frigate 07 are also gradually increasing. They have also become more direct rivals of Shengda and Hanlanda.


Figures show that Hyundai Shengda sold 6795 vehicles in the first half of the year, compared with 48719 Buick Onkoway, 44108 BYD frigates 07 and 31106 Toyota Hanlanda. When the influence of the brand is not dominant, what kind of competitive market environment will Shengda use?

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