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Volkswagen Jetta has been exposed or purchased a zero-running technology platform.

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After Xiaopeng signed a cooperative car-building agreement with Volkswagen, Volkswagen's Jetta was handed down or bought a zero-running technology platform to focus on economic cars.

Volkswagen's Jetta brand is talking about cooperation with Zero cars, the Financial Associated Press reported today. According to reports, FAW has issued internal documents, if the cooperation is reached, Jetta will focus on the economical electric car market, and will move the marketing company to Hangzhou like FAW Audi. A person familiar with the matter disclosed to the media: this cooperation is likely to buy out a certain generation of platform technology. FAW-Volkswagen insiders said on the matter that the company did have contact with zero running, but the specific situation was not known.

In response to the matter, Zero said: no comment.


In fact, on July 20, the Financial Associated Press reported that some overseas enterprises are negotiating technical cooperation with zero-running cars, and substantial progress has been made. Once the cooperation is reached, Zero will become the first Chinese new power car company to go out to sea with technology. On July 31, at the launch of Zero's new centrally integrated electronic and electrical architecture, Zero CEO Zhu Jiangming said at the scene: "the two companies that we are relatively certain have the authorization of the whole vehicle technology and the authorization of the entire car body technology architecture." Zhu Jiangming did not disclose the details of the cooperation.


Relevant data show that Jetta is an all-new sub-brand launched by Volkswagen, which was established on February 26, 2019 in Wolfsburg, Germany, and is positioned as the lowest level within the Volkswagen Group, focusing on the low-cost car market. Initially, it is only available in China, and the main price will be less than 100000. The new brand is led by Germany, R & D is concentrated in Germany and Volkswagen global resources, FAW-Volkswagen established an independent marketing system, in charge of production in Chengdu, China, as the third brand of FAW-Volkswagen launched in the Chinese market. The Jetta brand was first launched by the Jetta VS5, which launched in September 2019, with annual sales of 162000 vehicles in 2019.

However, Jetta's sales began to decline in the next few years due to factors such as brand marginalization, single product line and slow electrification. Sales in 2020 were 155000, down 4.3 per cent from a year earlier; sales in 2021 were 169000, up 8.9 per cent from a year earlier; and in 2022, Jetta's sales were 146900, down 13.48 per cent from a year earlier.


Zero running Automobile was founded in December 2015, jointly invested by Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. and its main founders. It is a new energy automobile company focusing on the research, design, production and sales of new energy vehicles and auto parts and accessories. At present, there are five models of zero-running cars on sale: zero-running S01, zero-running T03, zero-running C11, zero-running C01 and zero-running C11 extended range. In recent years, zero-running cars, like other new car-building forces, are in a state of loss.

The relevant data show that the operating losses of zero running cars from 2019 to 2021 are 730 million yuan, 869 million yuan and 2.868 billion yuan respectively, and the losses attributable to equity holders are about 901 million yuan, 1.1 billion yuan and 2.846 billion yuan respectively, with a cumulative loss of 4.374 billion yuan in three years. Gross profit margin: the gross profit margin of zero-running cars from 2019 to 2021 is-95.7%,-50.6% and-44.3%, respectively. To this end, Zero Automobile has recently made a series of measures to adjust its internal organizational structure, reduce prices and launch a number of new products, hoping to change the sales structure through the launch and price reduction of new products, and slowly get rid of the image of low-end cars in the market.


For the cooperation between the two sides, some industry insiders pointed out that many models under Zero run are similar to Jetta VS5, VS7 and other models, and there is still a lot of room for cooperation between the two sides. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, intelligence is the development direction in the future. Although Jetta has certain advantages in hardware, it is relatively slow in the development of electrified software, and wants to speed up the process of electrification. Technical cooperation with Chinese car companies is undoubtedly a shortcut to speed up the pace of electrification. For zero-running cars, the cooperation between the two sides will further enhance the popularity of zero-running cars. Or affected by today's news, as of press time, Zero Motor Hong Kong shares were reported at HK $46.50, up 1.09%, with a latest market capitalization of HK $53.14 billion.

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