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The proportion of orders exceeded expectations! The price of a new force increased by 10,000 RMB.

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Price reduction is considered to be one of the most effective means to increase product sales. Since August, more than 10 auto brands, including Polar Krypton, Zero, Nezha and Zhiji, have launched "price reduction promotion" policies to boost sales. At a time when the new forces generally start a wave of price cuts, Haohe, which is also a new force in car-building, appears to be particularly different.

On the evening of Aug. 21, Gaohe announced that the official price of its third production model, HiPhi Y, would be raised in September because of higher-than-expected orders for two models of HiPhi Y's 115kWh battery, the long-range version and the flagship version. In addition, the first batch of car purchase rights for users will also expire at the end of this month.


In response to the price increase, Xu Bin, general manager of Gaohe Automobile Brand and Communications, said on Weibo: "the information that the official selling price will rise soon from September is indeed a consideration dimension in our overall listing plan." These are two models (long-lasting version and flagship version) based on the 115kWh battery of HiPhi Y. they are very popular after launch, and the proportion of orders exceeds our expectations. we adjust the prices of these two products after the introduction period as originally planned. "


HiPhi Y is the third model and the cheapest model under Gaohe. In July this year, Gaohe HiPhi Y officially launched, positioning medium and large SUV, a total of four models with a price range of 33.90-449000 yuan, of which the long-lasting version is 399000 yuan and the flagship version is 449000 yuan. The price increase mentioned this time involves only these two models, and both the pioneer version and the elite version remain at the original price. A salesperson at a Gaohe Automotive experience Center store in Shanghai's Hongkou district said the prices of the long-range and flagship versions of Gaohe's HiPhi Y will rise by 10,000 yuan in September due to higher prices of battery raw materials, Interface News reported. According to the salesperson, since the launch of the car, the number of orders nationwide has been close to 3000. Among them, the long-lasting version and flagship version orders involving price increases account for about 30%. At present, the maximum number of existing cars in the country is 2 to 3, and the waiting time is about 8 weeks.

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In terms of appearance, the high-end HiPhi Y front face continues the HiPhi X design style, the front face adopts a large-size central closed grille design, and the LED light belt is added above the grille to form a penetrating shape, with a more three-dimensional headlamp group on both sides, with a high degree of recognition after lighting. The front enclosure is a trapezoidal air inlet designed and blackened, plus chrome-plated strip decoration, which enhances the hierarchical sense of the front face in the visual effect. The new car has smooth lines on the side of the body, and the suspended roof is equipped with whirlwind sports wheels below to enhance the sense of movement on the side. The windows are decorated with black strips, with rimless doors and second-generation NT wing doors. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4938/1958/1658mm, wheelbase is 2950mm, positioning pure electric medium-sized SUV. In the rear part, the overall design of the new car is relatively simple, and the taillights are now popular through-type design, which is also very recognizable after lighting. A small spoiler and high brake lights are designed on the top of the rear to enhance the movement of the rear.

In the interior part, the new car adopts a dual-amplitude multi-function steering wheel, which is equipped with a 12.3-inch full liquid crystal instrument screen, a 17-inch suspension central control screen and a 15-inch high-definition driver screen. The seat layout adopts the design of "2x3" big 5 seats. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with both single-motor and dual-motor power versions. Among them, the maximum power of the single motor version is 247Kw, the peak torque is 410N ·m, and it is divided into two life versions: 560Km and 810Km; the maximum power of the double motor before the version is 124Kw, and the rear motor is 247Kw, the peak torque is 620N ·m, and the mileage is 765km.


As a pure tram priced at 30-450000 yuan, the new car mainly competes with ES6/ES7, ideal L7/L8 and Xiaopeng G9 models after its launch. However, compared with the current hot car market "Wei Xiaoli" brand, as a new power brand, Haohe car does not have much sense of existence, and even many people do not know this brand.

According to the data, Gaohe is a luxury intelligent pure electric brand under Chinese Express, which was established in July 2019. The models currently on sale include HIPHI X, HiPhi Z and HiPhi Y, among which the first model Gaohe HIPHI X was listed in September 2020 with a price range of 57.00-800000 yuan; HiPhi Z was listed in August 2022 with a price range of 61.00-630000 yuan.


According to the data, the cumulative annual sales of Gaohe Automobile in 2022 was 4520, with an average of 400 per month. However, since July last year, Gaohe has no longer released specific sales figures. A year later, on Aug. 1, Xu Bin posted on Weibo: "I haven't reported Gaohe delivery figures for a long time. Based on the current public opinion environment, we will not do the ranking and say whatever we have to say." The overall delivery quantity of Gaohe exceeded 500 units in July. HiPhi Y will begin formal delivery at the end of July, production capacity will climb in August, and delivery will be accelerated. " It is worth mentioning that Gaohe HiPhi X sold 526 vehicles in July last year, which means that HiPhi Z did not boost sales after its launch.


"Automotive Industry concern" believes that the reason for the low sales of Gaohe cars is that, on the one hand, the brand awareness is not high, on the other hand, the product price is higher. Of course, compared with the HiPhi Z and HiPhi X models, the price of HiPhi Y fell to the range of 300000 yuan, obviously the price is more "close to the people", and the car is naturally given the important task of volume. It is understood that starting from the end of July, Gaohe announced the opening of centralized delivery of HiPhi Y in 21 cities across the country.

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