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Sales of Great Wall cars soared, with Wei Brand selling only 2500 vehicles.

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On October 9th, Great Wall Motor released production and marketing KuaiBao in September. According to the data, the wholesale sales of Great Wall cars in September were 121632, up 29.89% from the same period last year. The cumulative wholesale sales from January to September were 864045, up 7.69% from a year earlier. Based on the annual sales target of 1.6 million vehicles announced by Great Wall, the target completion rate for the first three quarters is 54 per cent.


According to the data released by Great Wall Motors, all major brands have achieved varying degrees of growth, among which the Harvard brand, as the sales pillar of Great Wall Motor, is also the weather vane of its sales trend, accounting for more than half of its overall sales, up 36.70% from the same period last year. Tank brand increased 43.15% year-on-year, making it the biggest increase under Great Wall.

The Harvard brand sold 73766 vehicles in September, up 36.70% from a year earlier. Great Wall did not report specific model sales. According to the August sales trend, the Harvard H6 is still the top-selling model of the Harvard brand in September, followed by Harvard Dog, which is expected to sell more than 10,000 vehicles. As for the Harvard fierce dragon / fierce dragon MAX model launched in the first half of the year, sales are basically maintained at the level of about 5000 vehicles. It is understood that Harvard's new model, the Harvard Raptor, will be launched on October 10, equipped with 1.5T+Hi4 intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology, with a pre-sale price range of 16-190000 yuan.

The tank brand led the growth of Great Wall, with sales of 18054 vehicles in September, up 43.15% from a year earlier. At present, tank brands sell models including tank 300, tank 400 and tank 500, of which tank 300 is the main selling model, and tank 400 is a new car that has just been launched. On September 25th, the tank 400Hi4-T was launched, and the new car launched two models with a price range of 27.98-289800 yuan. It is understood that the tank 400Hi4-T is located in a medium and large SUV, with a non-load-bearing body and a plug-in hybrid combination of 2.0T+P2 motor and 9HAT. For the tank brand, its main sales come from the tank 300, and the performance of other models is mediocre. How to improve the sales of other products is also an important task for the tank brand.

By contrast, the market performance of Wei Brand is relatively mediocre, with sales of 2548 vehicles in September, up 8.24% from a year earlier, making it the brand with the lowest sales and the smallest increase of Great Wall. Combined with August sales, nearly 90% of Wei Brand's sales now come from Wei Brand Blue Mountain, which went on sale on April 13 with a price range of 27.38-308800 yuan, with other models performing particularly poorly. It is understood that the Wei brand will also launch the first MPV-- Wei brand Gaoshan this year, but in the face of the increasingly competitive MPV market, sales of models such as Teng Teng D9 and polar krypton 009 have increased, and it is unknown whether Wei brand Gaoshan can become a new popular model.


As for the Euler brand, the models currently on sale include Euler cats, ballet cats and lightning cats, of which Euler cats account for 80% of sales. After entering 2023, the Euler brand has not yet launched a new car and still relies on Euler good cats to maintain overall sales, compared with the smaller size of ballet cats and lightning cats.

Great Wall Automobile, which is in the critical stage of new energy transformation, due to the weakening competitiveness of new energy vehicles, the existence of its domestic new energy vehicle market is not strong. In September, Great Wall sold 21900 new energy vehicles, half of which came from the Euler brand.


At the same time, Great Wall Motor is also accelerating the promotion of overseas markets. Data show that Great Wall sold 30018 units overseas in September, with a cumulative sales of 211696 units from January to September. It is understood that, including Ola good cat, Hafer H6 HEV and tank 500 HEV and other models, listed in Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and other overseas markets. By the end of the first half of 2023, the company has established more than 700 overseas sales channels and exported to more than 170 countries and regions. However, although overseas business is growing rapidly, it still accounts for a low proportion of total revenue, and it is unclear whether Great Wall's operating difficulties can be reversed in the short term.

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