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Hechuang V09 goes public! Starting at 318800 RMB

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October 13, Hechuang's first luxury pure electric MPV V09 launch, the new car positioning in the large pure electric MPV, a total of five models, the price range of 318800-438800 yuan, will start delivery in November.


In terms of appearance, the front face of Hechuang V09 adopts a closed front grille design, with through-type light belts and sharp split headlamp groups on both sides, which are combined with chrome-plated strips on both sides to greatly improve the aura of the vehicle. There is a trapezoidal blackening air inlet in the middle of the front face, which makes the whole front part look highly recognizable. The rear part of the car adopts a simple and tough style, and the position of the taillight is equipped with a large number of chrome-plated decoration, which echoes with the front design, making the overall atmosphere of the vehicle full. At the same time, the tail is surrounded by a concave design on both sides, and the trapezoidal license plate frame at the bottom is covered with a penetrating chrome strip to further enhance the visual hierarchy and exquisite sense of the tail.


Car body: the overall use of a relatively straight line design, so that the vehicle looks longer. In addition, in the vehicle's bilateral electric sliding doors, side window edges, rearview mirrors, door handles, side skirts and other details are equipped with chrome decoration to add a sense of luxury. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the car are 5215/1967/1910mm, and the wheelbase is 3170mm, which is similar to the size of Tengli D9. In terms of seat layout, the car adopts a 2-2-2-3 7-seat layout.



Interior decoration: the use of embracing cockpit design, the elimination of a large number of physical buttons, most of the vehicle control functions are integrated in the central control screen. It is equipped with a double-spoke steering wheel and a shielding design, and a mobile phone wireless charging board is added under the center console. With embedded full liquid crystal meter, suspended central control screen and co-driver entertainment screen three screens, highlight the vehicle's sense of science and technology. The layout of the car is three rows and seven seats, and the second row is equipped with a 17.3-inch ultra-clear central control screen, which supports multi-screen interconnection. In terms of interior color matching, the new car provides three kinds of interior color matching: black orange, shallow jade and Yao black.

Configuration: provide wireless charging of mobile phone, 22 speakers, 24 sensors, 7.1.4 panoramic sound + front and rear row independent audio and video entertainment system, HI-OS 2.0 car system, built-in two Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chips, can achieve four-screen linkage, intelligent recommendation, and support four-zone voice wake-up, gesture control, facial recognition and other media functions.


Power: the new car is equipped with high-power single motor, the maximum power 202kW, the highest speed can reach 190km/h. Two kinds of battery life versions are provided, the long-lasting version is equipped with ternary lithium battery pack with 114.19kWh capacity, the pure electric mileage 762km in CLTC condition, the lithium iron phosphate / ternary lithium battery pack with 95.16kWh/92kWh capacity in standard battery version, and the pure electric mileage 620km in CLTC mode. In terms of competitive products, the new car will compete with Tengli D9, Lantu dreamer, polar krypton 009, Chuanqi E9, Wei brand Gaoshan, Toyota Sena and other models.


Many people may not be familiar with the joint venture brand, but when it comes to GAC GROUP, GAC Ean and NIO car, everyone is no stranger. In fact, Hechuang Automobile, formerly known as GAC NIO, was jointly held by GAC GROUP, GAC Ean, Ulay Fund, Lai Automobile and the founding team, and was established in April 2018. According to the division of labor, GAC GROUP is mainly responsible for vehicle research and development and production, NIO provides intelligent network technology and energy support system, and the sales channel is expanded by Guang Qi Wei. In December 2019, Guangqi Weiwei came to launch the new new energy vehicle brand "Joint Venture HYCAN". In August 2022, the shareholders of Hechuang Automobile changed, Shanghai Ulai Automobile Co., Ltd. withdrew from the ranks of shareholders of Hechuang Automobile, and the cooperation between Ulai Motor and GAC GROUP came to an end. At present, Hechuang Automobile is jointly owned by five companies. Guangdong Zhutou Intelligent Technology Investment Co., Ltd. holds 68.55%, Guangzhou Automobile Ean New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. holds 20.54%, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. holds 4.45%, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. holds 4.46%. Guangzhou Chuangjin Investment Partnership (limited partnership) holds 1.98%.


From the point of view of the company behind the joint venture, the background is not simple. However, the brand does not have a strong sense of existence in the market. Since its inception, 007, Z03, A06 and other models have been launched, covering cars, SUV, MPV and other market segments, but the sales of these models are not ideal. Relevant data show that from January to August this year, Hechuang accumulated sales of 15652 vehicles. With the launch of the joint venture V09, it remains to be seen whether it can reverse the decline of joint venture car sales.

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