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A new force may restart factory production

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A piece of news will bring the long-immersed self-traveler back to the eyes of the public again, and Li Yinan's dream of building a car may usher in a turnaround again.

Several internal employees said that the Mahayana production base in Changzhou will resume production next year, and the products may be related to self-travelers, according to the Financial Associated Press. Another person familiar with the matter said: "the cooperation negotiations between Ziyou and Chery have been terminated. At present, its first pure electric model appears in the product announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the name of Mahayana, and is seeking further financing."


According to the above report, there is no sign of a "self-traveler" at the location of Mahayana production base in Changzhou, and Mahayana has become the only brand logo here. However, when there are employees going in and out of here during working hours, there are dozens of private cars parked inside and outside the factory area. Employees of Zi Youjia are still working here, but the number is unknown. An employee said: "as far as I know, we will resume work and production next year, and we have started a large-scale recruitment."

NIUTRON is a new new energy brand launched by Mavericks founder Li Yinan. The car-building project was launched in November 2018 and December 2021, when the "NIUTRON" brand was officially launched and its Chinese name was announced. Like many domestic car manufacturers, since the establishment of tourists, they have also chosen contract manufacturing because they do not have the qualification to build cars, and it is the Mahayana cars mentioned above that build cars instead.


According to the previous report of Automotive Industry concern, Mahayana is a new Chinese independent car brand founded by Wu Xiao, the son of Chairman Wu Jianzhong. It was established in December 2014, formerly known as Jiangsu Jintan Changdanghu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., with two major production bases in Changzhou, Jiangsu and Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province. Qualifications include passenger cars, commercial vehicles and new energy vehicles. Is a company with both traditional energy vehicles and new energy vehicles manufacturing qualifications. However, due to its poor management, in March 2020, the news of large-scale arrears of wages for employees of Mahayana was exposed online. After that, Mahayana cars were favored by travelers for their car-building qualifications and production capacity, and then opened up a new way to build cars.


In October 2022, NV, the first model of Ziyou, was launched, and the new car was positioned as a luxurious medium and large SUV. A total of 3 models were launched with a price range of 278800-318800. But it wasn't long before the self-traveler NV pressed the pause button when it was ready for delivery after Mahayana suddenly announced that it could not be delivered. Since 2020, Mahayana Jintan factory has been shut down for a time due to operational problems. Due to the suspension of production for more than 24 months, the production qualification of Mahayana needs to be verified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, but in the end, Mahayana failed to pass and lost the qualification of making cars, which also led to the shelving of NV mass production listing.

In December of the same year, Ziyuju issued a statement saying that due to its own reasons, NV could not be delivered within a short period of time, and that it would give a full refund within 48 hours. At the same time, it would prepare a NV model for the car owner and compensate Starbucks consumption card for 200 yuan.


At this point, since the traveler has become a new power car company that can not achieve delivery after the volume of products. In April, Zijia Auto's official App service was suspended and the official Weibo content was cleared. The industry generally points the spearhead of self-traveler NV "dystocia" to the problem of Mahayana car production qualification. At that time, self-travel insiders once said: "although all parties have made concerted efforts to apply for qualifications, they are now clearly told that they cannot be approved, so they can only stop delivery." In other words, the withdrawal of self-travelers has a lot to do with the production of Mahayana cars.


However, the termination of delivery does not mean that Li Yinan's "car-building dream" has come to an end. In February this year, the news that Zijia car was suspected of looking for Chery to work as a contract manufacturer to deliver the new car was widely circulated on the Internet, and then a tourist insider told the media: "it is still in negotiations with the other party, but it has not been confirmed." Chery said: "there is no news in this regard." According to the latest news, the cooperation negotiations between self-travelers and Chery have been terminated.

Then in July, in the "Road Motor vehicle production Enterprises and products announcement" (batch 372) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Mahayana V07 was declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the car was regarded as a standard-changing model of NV. The design of the new car is highly similar to that of NV, and only the body size is adjusted, the length, width and height is changed to 4915/1962/1755mm, and the wheelbase is 2910mm. While the self-traveler NV length, width and height are 4915/1950/1750mm, wheelbase 2900mm, in addition, the new car brand LOGO has also been changed from "NIUTRON" to "DOCAN", or the new brand logo of Mahayana.

Although self-travelers have not made any statement on the announcement of Mahayana V07, it is generally believed in the industry that Mahayana V07 is the pure electric version of self-traveler NV. This also means that Mahayana, which has been out of production for a long time, has regained its production qualification and is about to go into mass production. Therefore, industry insiders believe that: "self-travelers are likely to follow the 'polar stone model' and restart production of the 'kill back' car circle."

Nowadays, solving the problem of car-building qualification is the key to the revival of "self-travelers". For example, the news that self-travelers restart production at the Mahayana factory in Changzhou is true, which means that self-travelers will regain their qualifications and return to the automobile industry. However, as of press time, the official travelers have not responded to the above news, and whether the travelers will restart production at the Mahayana Changzhou plant as scheduled will have to wait for more information to be disclosed by the authorities.

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