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Another car to build mobile phones! Official map release

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Another car company has entered the mobile phone industry. Polestar phone, its first mobile phone product, was released on April 16, but the exact configuration of the Polestar Phone is not yet known, and it is highly likely that it will be released during the night event of the Polar Star Automobile Brand Night on April 23. According to the official picture, although it is called Polestar Phone, the phone is built by Xinji Meizu, and the overall design can see the debut of the classic Meizu design.

On June 19, 2023, Ji Xing formally signed a contract with Xingji Meizu Group, and the two sides formally formed a joint venture company, in which Star Meizu holds 51% of the shares, while Ji Xing holds 49%. Shen Ziyu, chairman and CEO of Star Meizu Group, said that the joint venture will combine Jixing's design and performance capabilities with Galaxy Meizu's expertise in software and consumer electronics hardware development, and develop a Polestar OS system based on Star Meizu Flyme Auto to provide a smart operating system for Jixing's products for the Chinese market, including in-car applications, streaming services and smart car software. In addition, Shen Ziyu said: "Polar is no longer an electric car company, but a technology company with multiple smart terminals, including cars, mobile phones and so on. The joint venture will build Polestar OS products that exclusively serve the models of Star China, while building a global smart travel technology ecology around Polestar OS. The joint venture will be responsible for vehicle design and development, software development, marketing and other work to form a closed loop."

In February 2024, Star Meizu announced a strategic change and will stop the development of new traditional "smartphone" projects and devote itself to a new generation of AI devices. Meizu said that with the extended replacement cycle of the global mobile phone market, limited room for consumer innovation and increased vicious competition in the industry, the mobile phone industry is facing unprecedented challenges. At the same time, mobile phone products rely solely on hardware upgrades and parameter competition, which can no longer meet the diversified and comprehensive use needs and experience of consumers, so the industry urgently needs to find a new direction of sustainable development.

According to the strategic plan announced by Meizu, the company will build AI Device products, reconstruct Flyme system and build AI ecology in the future. According to the plan, in 2024, Meizu will update its mobile operating system for AI. In addition, Meizu's first AI Device hardware product will also be officially released in 2024. Taking into account the transitional needs of new and old users, during the transition period of Meizu All In AI, the user experience and services of the original Meizu Flyme, Flyme Auto, Flyme AR, MYVU, PANDAER and Unbounded Zhixing business will not be affected. In addition, the existing Meizu mobile phone products on sale will continue to provide normal software and hardware maintenance services for users.

Polar Star, originally a high-performance division of Volvo, was operated independently in October 2017 with funding from Geely and Volvo, focusing on the high-end luxury electric car market, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. at present, it has two R & D centers and three production bases around the world. In the electric car market, Polar has launched Polestar 1 (GT sports car), Polestar 2 (compact car), Polestar 3 (medium and large SUV), Polestar 4 (medium and large SUV), Polestar 5 (medium and large car), Polestar 6 (convertible sports car) and other models. Terminal sales show that Polar Star sold only 983 vehicles in China in 2023 and 1717 in 2022.

Before Polar Star, Weilai released NIO Phone in September 2023, with a price range of 6499-7499 yuan. When talking about why NIO Phone is made, Li Bin explained like this: "it is not because mobile phone companies are building cars, nor because Weilai does not make money to make money from mobile phones, but because Weilai users need a mobile phone that connects seamlessly with Ulai cars.

Therefore, the reason for Polar Star to build Polestar Phone is the same as that of Ulai, not to enter the mobile phone market, but to achieve car-machine interconnection and build car ecology. Another reason, to a large extent, comes from anxiety about the uncertainty about the direction of mainstream technology. The background is that more and more car brands are beginning to join forces with mobile phone brands to explore in depth the car-machine interaction, such as ideal car, Xiaopeng Automobile and OPPO, Nahang Automobile and BlackBerry, Jianghuai, Chery, BAIC, Cyrus and other car companies and Huawei. And Geely's ability to lead, polar krypton and other brands after the acquisition of Meizu.

As Bai Jian, head of mobile phone in Xilai, said, the relationship between cars and mobile phones will be closer in the future, which is also the focus of all car companies. The Hongmeng and systems developed by Huawei and Xiaomi are the same truth. The interconnection between human and car machines is the general direction of smart cars in the future. However, in the eyes of consumers, is it necessary to take out their pockets and spend thousands of yuan on a mobile phone that is only for experience?

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