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Tesla responded to the 11-car crash in Chengdu.

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Recently, an accident involving Tesla crashing into 11 cars in Chengdu has sparked a heated discussion on the Internet. The biggest controversy about the accident is that many netizens pointed out that the brake lights of the vehicle that caused the accident in the video were on, but did not see the vehicle slowing down. Tesla responded to the accident on November 27: checking the background data found that when the vehicle collided in the video, the acceleration pedal of the vehicle was deeply pressed and the speed increased from 54km/h to 132km/h at the time of the collision.

In response to netizens' doubts that the brake lights were on, Tesla responded that the collision in the video was not the first collision of the vehicle that caused the accident. In fact, after the first collision, the vehicle's "multi-collision brake" function was triggered, so I saw the brake lights on. The driver did not step on the brake pedal within 2 seconds after the collision, and the driver stepped on the brake pedal 2 seconds after the collision. However, after the first collision, the front wheel of the vehicle has fallen off, the pipeline of the braking system has been damaged, and the vehicle has been unable to brake normally.

Review of related events: on November 25, at an intersection of Chengluo Avenue in Longquanyi District, Chengdu, a white Model Y rushed out at a rapid speed on the ramp of Chengluo Avenue Shiling Interchange towards Xihe, and then collided with several cars. According to the situation at the scene, car parts scattered all over the road, originally intact cars were scattered, some vehicles were hit by the wheels fell off, and some vehicles' rear bumpers were also hit to the ground, the scene was a mess.

Tesla, who caused the white accident, was also seriously damaged, the position of the hood of the front of the car was almost damaged, and the whole wheel fell off. A person at the scene told the media that the car flew past him at the time of the accident and hit two patrol cars when he drove to the opposite traffic light.

After the accident, the police issued a notice saying: at about 15:00 on November 25, a traffic accident occurred on Chengluo Avenue, Longquanyi District, Chengdu. When a small car (Tesla) was driving in the direction of Xihe on the ramp of Chengluo Avenue Shiling Interchange, it collided with the vehicle in front of it at the intersection of Shiling subway station. Three people were slightly injured in the accident and all were treated in hospital. After receiving the alarm, the public security organs quickly carried out the disposal work, the driver has been controlled on the spot, and the accident is being further investigated and dealt with.

Yesterday, Mr. Wang, the owner of the car that caused the accident, said in an interview with the media on the hospital bed that the vehicle had just been licensed on the day of the accident and was driving very carefully. When I was about to get off the exit, the speed of the car was in the twenties and thirties. Suddenly the car was out of control. I stepped on the brakes, but the car rushed directly. In addition, the owner also stressed that he did not have drunk driving or drug driving at that time, nor did he turn on autopilot and single pedal mode. According to the owner disclosed that at present, the vehicle involved in the accident in the traffic control department for technical identification, he also contacted the car brand side, the brand side said that there will be after-sales departments to follow up the matter.

Tesla also said that he is cooperating with the accident determination of the traffic police and relevant departments and will cooperate with the submission of relevant vehicle data.

In response to Tesla's response, some netizens said: the single pedal mode is easy to give people the wrong impression. When you step on the accelerator pedal, you step on the accelerator and slow down. In a panic, you may think that you are stepping on the brake, but it is actually the accelerator. I kept stepping on it and forgot to lift my foot to change the brake. Another netizen said: according to the analysis of Tesla's response, this is another farce in which the driver mistakenly mistook the accelerator for the brake.

Of course, some netizens expressed doubts about the accident: when the front wheel of the vehicle that caused the accident fell, the brake was no longer normal, but the acceleration was still very fierce. What principle was followed? In the end, what is the truth is subject to the report issued by the traffic police, and we will continue to pay attention to it in the future.

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