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Suspected of speeding! Police report ideal L7 car accident in Qingyuan

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Recently, a video about a serious traffic accident in ideal L7 in Qingyuan, Guangdong has aroused discussion among netizens on the Internet.

Today, Qingyuan traffic police issued a notice about the accident, pointing out that the car driver and one passenger were killed and another passenger was injured. At the same time, Qingyuan traffic police also said in a notice that the car involved was suspected of speeding. At present, the accident-related situation is being further investigated and dealt with.

On December 22, in response to the accident, the ideal official issued a statement on the accident. Ideal officials said that the incident occurred at about 21:44 in the evening of December 21, 2023. An ideal L7 had a serious traffic accident in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. It was very sad and sorry for the casualties caused by the accident.

At the same time, officials pointed out that when the vehicle collided, the vehicle triggered the on-board emergency alarm call system, and the staff rushed to the scene to support it as soon as there was no feedback from the users. Combined with the preliminary analysis of the background data of the vehicle, the vehicle did not turn on the auxiliary driving function in the process of driving. 3 seconds before the collision, the speed reached 178km/h, and the driver took braking measures, and finally rear-ended the front truck at the speed of 96km/h, got under the truck and rushed out of the road. At present, the relevant departments have sealed off the scene of the accident for investigation and handling. In addition, it also said that it will cooperate with the police to provide all necessary data in order to restore the full picture of the accident as soon as possible, and will also provide necessary support to the families of car owners.

It is worth noting that the netizens' controversy about the accident is mainly the ideal L7 of the accident. In the accident, both A-pillar and B-column were broken. In response to the controversy among netizens, ideal officials released another video of the car accident yesterday to respond to the incident.

In response to public questions about the recent serious traffic accident of the ideal L7 in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, the video related to the accident has been released below, officials said. According to the video, three seconds before the collision, the driver took braking measures when the speed was 178km/h, and the speed greatly exceeded the working range of the AEB. The vehicle rear-ended the creeping lorry that slanted across two lanes at the speed of 96km/h. Finally, it is indicated that the final facts and responsibilities of the traffic accident shall be determined by the traffic police department.

According to the official video, the vehicle in the accident before the collision reached the speed of 178km/h per hour. At the same time, officials have also provided a third-party surveillance video provided by netizens to restore what happened at the collision scene. However, the ideal official response again, did not eliminate the public controversy, but increased the controversy.

There are senior automotive media people for the ideal release of the accident video, the article raised three major questions, the first is the car companies directly release user data? If you don't go through the police or the owner of the car. In addition, it is also pointed out that the second the video is stuck on the brakes, that is, the maximum speed, the material is gone? Is it seriously misleading? Because even if you used to drive at 300km per hour, the speed at the time of the collision was 96. Finally, it is pointed out that after the accident, the whole carriage collapses and the A-pillar B-column no longer exists, which is what users are concerned about and worried about. It is hoped that the ideal car will not only guide public opinion, but also truly answer car owners' concerns and hidden dangers about safety.

At present, the entry about the release of the L7 Guangdong crash video of the ideal car has gone viral on Weibo, and the official has not yet responded to the netizens' controversy again. Related data show that: ideal L7 launched on February 8 this year, the new car positioning medium and large SUV, a total of three configuration models, the price range is 319800-379800 yuan. The data show that the ideal L7 sales in November is 16599.

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