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Xiaogang senior lost the lawsuit! Apologize to Tesla and pay compensation

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Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. sued tens of millions of fans of Internet celebrity Chen Zhengang (account name @ Xiaogang senior) in a reputation infringement case, and the court found that Xiaogang's tort liability was established, and ruled that he should publicly apologize to Tesla and pay 120000 yuan in compensation.

Tesla formally sued @ Xiaogang senior in January 2022 for using the information network to commit defamation. It is understood that @ Xiaogang seniors released two test videos on April 29 and 30, 2021, respectively, to test the emergency braking of Tesla Model 3 and Xiaopeng P7, and to install paper cars in the driveway and inflatable dummies to test the emergency braking function of vehicles. The final "test" results show that Tesla Model 3 failed to stop and hit the paper car and dummies, while Xiaopeng P7 stopped perfectly. The result is that the emergency braking performance of Xiaopeng P7 is obviously better than that of Tesla Model 3.

@ the background of Xiaogang's emergency braking function test of two models is that Tesla encountered safeguarding his rights when he participated in the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. A woman wearing a white T-shirt with "brake failure" stood on the roof of a Tesla display car shouting "Tesla brake failure". The scene was in chaos. After the incident, the market was once filled with rumors of "Tesla brake failure", and a number of accidents occurred in a short period of time, and in order to verify whether Tesla had "brake failure", but also for the sake of hot blogs, many self-media / car bloggers spontaneously carried out emergency brake tests on Tesla models, but their authority and rigor were controversial, and even if the results were obtained. Nor can it actually prove that Tesla has brake failure.

The same is true of the test of Tesla by the senior student @ Xiaogang. After the test video was released, another blogger, Xiao Li Flying car, posted several videos questioning the authenticity of the test content. He questioned that the senior @ Xiaogang secretly stepped on a switch when testing Tesla's Model 3. The detail was that Tesla's screen could show the status of stepping on the switch and kinetic energy recovery, while Tesla Model 3 was before crashing into the paper car. The power bar of the car still shows that there is still power output.

At that time, @ Xiaogang's response was: "because the test condition at that time was 50 kilometers per hour and the fuel was collected too early, kinetic energy recovery would slow down the speed, so I stepped on the throttle for the sake of rigor." It stressed that Tesla's manual stated that the conditions for emergency braking could not be touched, one of which was violent acceleration before the implementation of emergency braking, and he thought that he could not accelerate violently by stepping on the switch, which did not affect his emergency braking intervention. "

The function of automatic emergency braking, also known as AEB, is to monitor the driving environment in front of the vehicle in real time, and automatically start the vehicle braking system to slow down the vehicle in case of possible collision danger, so as to avoid collision or reduce the consequences of collision. According to C-SCAP, there are special testing standards and methods for AEB testing. General AEB testing obstacles need to consider three points, radar characteristics, reflectivity and visual features. In other words, the testing of vehicles through the use of paper cars is obviously not up to standard, and this method of testing has also been questioned.

Of course, after the senior @ Xiaogang conducted the emergency braking test on Tesla Model 3 at that time, some netizens actually questioned the test. In response, "Xiaogang senior" released a video entitled "Tesla Test without Editing record" and explained that because in the first test, someone said he stepped on the gas pedal, so he tested it again, but the result still could not stop. It also stressed in the video, "these two are my own, just do a simple test, and record it, just have a look." However, in Tesla's view, simple tests are not necessarily authoritative, and tests that lack authority can easily be misleading, and it is reasonable for Tesla to sue @ Xiaogang seniors. At present, @ Xiaogang senior has not publicly responded to this matter, and it is not clear whether the judgment is final. If it is not final, @ Xiaogang senior may appeal.

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