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Down by double digits over the same period last year! Nissan's latest sales release

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On January 9th, Nissan China released its latest sales figures. Data show that Nissan's cumulative sales of terminal cars in China in December were 98873, up 32.04% from the previous month and 40.28% from a year earlier. Of this total, Dongfeng Nissan (including Nissan, Qichen and Infiniti brands) sold 95204 vehicles.

In response, Mr. Shohei Yamazaki, senior vice president of Nissan Motor Company, chairman of Nissan China Management Committee and president of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., said: "in the face of continuous changes in the economy and the market, Nissan has achieved strong sales growth this month by providing consumers with a variety of product choices. Nissan Xuanyi series continued to maintain a strong growth momentum this month. At the same time, sales of Nissan Teana and SUV series models continue to grow. "

It should be noted that Nissan's sales in China showed a significant decline when the time was extended to 2023 for the whole year. Nissan's cumulative sales of terminal cars in China were 793768, down 24.06 per cent from a year earlier, according to the data.

Mr. Yamazaki pointed out: "while meeting short-term challenges, we will continue to fulfill our long-term development commitment to provide leading products and maintain sustainable business growth."

At present, Dongfeng Nissan passenger cars mainly operate three major brands: Nissan, Infiniti and Qichen. Among them, the Nissan brand is the main source of sales of Nissan in China. Models on sale include Xuanyi, Teana, Qijun, Xiaoke, Tuda, Jinke, Loulan and so on. Xuanyi is the main product of Dongfeng Nissan. Retail data show that Xuanyi sold 327724 vehicles from January to November in 2023, compared with 420665 in 2022, accounting for 51.05% of Dongfeng Nissan's total sales of 823988.

The sales of other models are very mediocre, with sales of 96039, 79312 and 48035 respectively for Xiaoke, Teana and Qijun, while models such as Bluebird, Tuda, Quetta and Jinke are even more miserable. For example, Panda sold only 14461 cars in the first November, 7119 strong customers and 5965 Loulan.

In the field of new energy vehicles, Dongfeng Nissan is also performing poorly. Ariya Ariya, for example, accumulated retail sales of 3252 vehicles in the first 11 months of 2023, including 102,115,106,144,988 and 545 vehicles from June to November, respectively.

At present, Nissan is accelerating the layout of the new energy track. In November 2023, Yamazaki announced that 10 locally developed new energy vehicles, including Nissan, Qichen and Dongfeng brands, would be launched into the Chinese market by the end of 2026. Among them, Nissan brand's first independent research and development of new energy vehicles will be launched in the second half of 2024. Chen Hao, member of the standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Motor Group and Executive Vice President of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., said that a more thorough local industrial chain will be built in the future to further differentiate the brand positioning of Nissan and Qichen. In addition, Nissan is considering producing and developing existing internal combustion engine cars in China, as well as the upcoming pure electric and hybrid cars, which will be exported to overseas markets.

Generally speaking, fuel vehicles are still the tone for Nissan to maintain the market, but against the background of shrinking traditional fuel vehicle market and rising overall sales of domestic new energy vehicles, Japanese brands, including Nissan, are gradually being carved up in China.

For Japanese joint ventures such as Nissan, the transformation in the Chinese market has only just begun. Nissan does not have competitive products in the new energy sector at present, which also means that the rapid launch of new energy models that can support sales growth is very important for Nissan. In the future, Nissan still needs to make greater innovation to keep up with the pace of the market.

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